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Lasik eye Surgery in India Vs USA
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Eyes are regarded as your window to your surrounding and world. The eyes are among the most complex mechanism in many ways, which is similar to camera. Unlike the camera, the eyes also record the images with a special layer on the eye known as retina. The human eye has two lenses, the cornea and lens. The former is the fixed focus lens, which helps in bending the light rays in a fixed level, while the latter is like any auto focus system, which chances the shape to focus on images in a right way. Thus you find a clear, crisp and sharp image. If you any kind of mismatch between the two, you would then need a eye surgery.

What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik is an acronym, which stands for Laser in Situ Keratomileusis that simply means employing the rays of laser under the area of corneal flap in order to reshape the cornea. This procedure further employs a high end laser in order to treat the refractive issues in order to improve the vision and reduce the need to have contact lenses or glasses. This procedure then further changes the cornea shape that happen to be a transparent eye covering. Though the eximer laser has in use since long, however, the development of Lasik goes to the man from Greece called Ioannis Pallikaris in the year 1991.

Lasik Surgery Procedure

This is among the high end procedures found in eye surgery, which is carried out specially trained and experienced eye surgeons. During the procedure, the surgeon first of all created a thin and precise hinged corneal flap with the help of microkeratome. The surgeon is then seen pulling back the flap in order to expose the underlying corneal tissues and then uses the excimer laser rays to rehape the cornea in the pre-specified format for patient, which is unique for every patient. The surgeon then changes the position of the flap over the underlying cornea without using the sutures.

Lasik eye Surgery in India Vs USA

In terms of giving high quality Lasik eye surgery procedure, you need high end eye care hospitals and highly skilled and qualified surgeons. The developed nations like the United States is rich in terms of these resources, which can help you avail the Lasik Eye Surgery in USA, however, the cost is extremely high. On the other side, India has similar sort of infrastructure for eye surgeries and other medical treatments/surgeries. India has one of the best eye surgeons who are trained and qualified in such high precision procedures like Lasik eye surgery procedures with the same quality of service and other facilities/amenities as witnessed in the US. But in terms of cost, difference in huge in between the USA and India. For instance, the Lasik Surgery in India can cost you around 1000 dollars and the same procedure is carried out at the cost of 10,000 USD in United States of America.

This is the reason why more and more medical tourists are flocking to India for a number of surgeries and treatments including Lasik Surgery procedures. In fact, as per reports, there is an increase of 15 percent every year in terms of the flux of medical tourists coming to India for various medical treatments and surgeries. Many of the Indian Hospitals based in different cities are called as the centres of excellence wherein you can avail the same healthcare services unlike found in the US or any other developed nation hospitals. And above all, the kind of compassion showcased by Indian Ophthalmologists and eye surgeons in India to the patients is simply incredible, which one may fail to find in the so called developed nations. Thus all these factors give enough reason to medical tourists to consider Lasik eye surgery in India.


LASIK Eye Surgery - Things you should know about it!
LASIK Eye Surgery – Patient Testimonial

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