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Weight Loss Surgery Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease

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As per a research reports published in PLOS Medicine, thousands of obese people in the United Kingdom seem to have benefitted the best from weight loss surgery. As the matter of the fact, the obese people have the risk of having heart ailment and other issues. Extremely obese people are the ones with BMI (Body Mass Index) with 40 or more would need a surgery to get rid of the extra flesh over their body. Generally the people with BMI of 30 and above usually called as obese people. The weight loss surgery backed by lifestyle changes can keep a number of medical ailments including the heart problems at bay. As per the institute -London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine reports, the number of people choosing for weight loss surgery were witnessed with a decent amount of improvements in their health.

Obesity and Heart Attacks, High BP and Diabetes

As per the research findings, 1.4 million people in UK alone are reported with morbidly obese person. The obese patients in the UK had bariatric surgery kept the heart issues at bay, which come along with some of several findings. More than 80,000 obesity cases were reported with high BP, similarly, 40,000 cases are seen with type II diabetes, while 5,000 patients were seen with issues of heart attacks and other heart ailments. As per the researchers, the weight loss surgeries including Sleeve Gastrectomy were able to get successful procedures that help in getting the weight loss rather than the other kinds of procedures.

Obesity – Biggest Problems of Our Generation

As per the institute called London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, obesity is among the major health issues of this current generation. As per the reports, the rates of cardiovascular disease though could be seen reducing, but these are still alarmingly high while the Type II diabetes II is on a rise that hampers around 3.5 million people in the UK. One can find effective ways of managing the obesity crisis that can be called under the public health strategy. Though effective preventive measures can be obviously required, the findings simply showcase that the helping patients substantially lose weight, while the obesity surgery helps in enhancing the serious obesity related ailments along with reducing the risk. The people having weight loss surgery were around 70 percent less likely to get the heart issues, while people with Type II diabetes were nine times more likely to see vital enhancements in diabetes.

Obesity Surgery Changes the Lifestyle

As per the British Foundation studies, with weight loss surgery, the patient not only keeps the heart ailments and other issues at bay, but also witness a good amount of lifestyle change as well. As per the new research, for maintaining a healthy weight, you can control cardiovascular diseases and other issues. The weight loss surgery can be a procedure, which reduces the size of patient’s stomach in order to initiate the weight loss that is morbidly obese. Though this study simply showcases like surgery can reduce a number of life threatening conditions, it is vital to showcase that it is a drastic and significant intervention and thus reduce your own risk by simply quitting smoking, consuming healthy food and doing a couple of physical activities for not less than 150 minutes for a week.


As per the studies of Bariatric Centre For Weight Management, weight loss surgery can be called as a cost effective option for controlling serious ailments like heart diseases and Type II Diabetes and other issues. So, when you fail to lose weight with a number of non surgical options fail then opting for weight loss surgery can be a better bet to keep away from the risk of heart ailments and other chronic issues that comes with obesity.

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