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Heart surgery in India
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In the past few years, India has been seen at cloud nine for giving high quality healthcare services and heart care is no exception. As per reports, India ranks at the fifth position when it comes to choosing any overseas location for healthcare treatments and this certainly include the heart surgeries and cardiac treatments. This is simply due to the presence of world class healthcare infrastructure in India. The country has one of the best heart hospitals and cardiac care centers, which are governed by the state of art technology based facilities. These hospitals are the hub for highly competitive and experienced cardiac surgeons and doctors who are known for better success rates and highly skilled services. And above all, the affordable cost heart surgery in India leads many global patients to plan their treatments in this country.

Medical tourism on the rise

Ever since the term medical tourism was coined, the industry has been known for its constant growth. In India the medical tourism Industry is accelerating with a huge pace. As per reports, in the year 2015, the medical tourism sector in India fetched US$3 billion in all these years. And the same report suggest that it will grow up to $7-8 billion by the year 2020. As per the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the very basic reason to see this trend is cost-effectiveness, and high quality treatment from accredited facilities at par with a number of developed nations like the US and UK. Also, the Medical Tourism Market Report simply claims that highest quality of all medical tourism destinations, which caters wide variety of procedures including cardiac procedures at around one-tenth of the cost incurred in the US based hospitals.

Is heart surgery in India safe?

The answer is yes, the global patients can get the access of high quality heart surgery in India. The reasons are obvious, the presence of high quality cardiac treatment options, which is only possible with high end hospitals and medical centers. These are equipped with one of the best facilities and state of art machines that play a vital role in making you free from the heart ailments. Now, if you talk about the cardiac surgeons and experts in India, they are simply the best in terms of experience, expertise and exposure in a number of heart ailments. They are recognized in the world for these attributes making people free from the heart ailments.

Which hospitals are the best for heart Surgery in India?
When it comes to finding out good hospitals in India for heart surgery, there is no dearth for the same. However the following are some of the best ones:

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center
Asian Heart Institute And Research Centre, Mumbai
Manipal Heart Foundation, Bangalore
Batra Heart Centre, Delhi
Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum, Kerala
These can be called as the modest list of heart hospitals in India, however, these have one thing in common. They are simply the best having one of the best facilities and top class doctors and cardiac surgeons, who leave no stone unturned to treat the patients with cardiac issues.

How much does Heart surgery cost in India?

India has set a trend of giving high quality heart surgery to global patients at much effective cost. In fact, this is the very basic reason why global patients from not less than 40 countries are seen flocking every year for various heart ailments. The cost difference of various heart surgeries in India compared to the nations like the US or the UK comes less as to 75 to 90 percent, which is a great percentage for them to consider India for various treatment options. For example procedures like Open heart surgery in India can cost you around 90,000 US dollars, and in UK it is 55,000 dollars while the same procedure can be opted for 7500 dollars.


Heart ailments can be only be rectified with proper heart procedures backed with expertise and experience. Fortunately India is one, which caters one of the best heart surgeries to global patients, which comes at low cost and much better quality than expected.

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