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Chickens Grill - poison spit. Carcinogens, formali
Last comment by ganeshh 11 months, 1 week ago.

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Long ago, it is known that there are all sorts of chicken grill, shawarma, hot dogs and pies the station are hotbeds of various diseases. But there are also daredevils, ready to eat it all. And if there is demand, there will be supply. So, to permanently discourage you wish to buy this stuff, let's follow through what "hell" chicken runs before turning to "Firebird" - that is grilled.
The reason for the regular educational program served 12 builders who, having bought in one of the major metropolitan network supermarket chickens grilled, came down with salmonella. It is worth noting that all of them, thank God, survived, although the hospital acted in serious condition with a high fever, vomiting, loose stools, and headache. In general, a complete set. As Aesculapius claim, if time does not see a doctor, there may be complications: pneumonia, cholecystitis, if not death. Life after death Chicken "life after death" is interesting and varied. So, as soon as the poultry farm chicken bring to the supermarket, where it leads into the presentation: do hair removal, removing the remnants of the pen cover is cut and packaged. And then she goes on a chilled counter. Here, according to the rules, the chicken should not be delayed more than two weeks. After this period, the products comes into disrepair, and it must be disposed of. But it's against the rules. In real life, a little "grown old," the bird is sent to the "anti-aging" treatments . After them, the appearance of the product is much better, it looks like just yesterday carelessly ran and plucked grass. The essence of these procedures is to ensure that the carcass night soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate, then washed and repack. It is understood that the expiration date on the label she has also updated. If the chicken is not lucky, and it so no one tempted, even after all of these procedures, the bird returns to additional processing. It once soaked, but in a vinegar solution to remove putrid odor . Then it is seasoned with spices, then "improved" chickens are sent back to the packing - in kits for barbecues or department "Chickens Grill." The main thing in this case - the more garlic pepper add yeah. They taste of the product will give, and unpleasant odors score. Unless, of course, these odors are so strong that they even do not take garlic. It is understandable why, one wonders, the supermarket to cook fresh chicken, if there are such lovely remnants ?! And cook culinary departments do not bother hygiene issues. "Once marinated chicken, cook could leave them in the marinade overnight - reveals the secret of the production a former employee of one of the capital's supermarkets Tatiana. - It is clear that for each new batch no one bothers to make a new marinade. Sometimes the bird for weeks was soaked in the same solution. Sometimes it is in no way were soaked, and just seasoned with spices and cooked . " This surprises from grilled chicken, alas, does not end there. When a long stay in the oven from chicken fat is released, which is under the influence of long-term high-temperature treatment is converted into carcinogens . And as in the grilled chickens are placed one above the other, then this is the fat dripping onto the underlying bird, saturating her skin carcinogens. But that's not all! Skewers, which are strung suffering chickens, washed rarely. Therefore, they accumulate all the same overcooked, saturated fat carcinogens. Slaughter marinade If the situation does not matter, the situation in the stalls with chicken in supermarkets even worse things. They not only sell "be far from good" product, but its origin remains a mystery. It is no secret that in Ukraine imported products, which in most countries and not allowed on the threshold. So often we bring the chicken, which for several years has lain in the frozen form. And shake off its profitable manufacturer, we, rather than disposed of at home. The domestic meat product, at least, fresh. Although say that these chickens are beneficial to health, it is impossible. After all, they are all grown on the same antibiotics that are used abroad. They are added to the feed to the chickens grew faster, so "factory" chickens grow for 1.5 months, while home -. 4-6 Surprised carelessness domestic fans dish called "chicken grill" in Kiev organization Union of Ukrainian consumers. Its members had to attend a workshop for the production of grilled chicken. "I do not know how this is possible, - wonders expert Kiev organization Consumers Union of Ukraine Sergey Shevchuk. - The other day we had another test. And that you saw? In most "points" chicken marinated in a conventional bathtub. And it was evident that the bird has not really had time to thaw, and it is already marinated. Judging by the fact that the birds were "petrified" by frost, we suspect that these chickens are not conducted one year in the freezer.Absent and veterinary certificates, and certificates of quality, labeling, in short, everything that could confirm the quality and safety of the product.


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