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Dance classes to boost self esteem

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Sadly, children today are not meeting the minimum physical activity level required for a healthy child. Dance is an extremely good way to get and keep children involved in physical activity. Children can benefit from dance in many ways, from their increased activity level, confidence and coordination, to promoting their creativity and self expression. These benefits would help them in other areas of their lives. Being physically involved in dance classes is equivalent to being involved in team sports, where children learn new skills in an environment of cooperation and collaboration. Some dance classes encourage dances involving two or more students, group dances, where the teamwork is learned and encouraged in order to perfect a performance.

It is believed that children who take regular dance classes, show improved physical activity levels and overall health. This is due to the fact that dance enhances flexibility in a child’s body, moods and emotions, stamina and physical strength. It is observed that children who practice dance steps daily tend to have improved body posture and muscle tone. Dance helps them to improve balance and coordination of their bodies. There are dance classes available for children as young as two in many dance institutions. Young children who love dancing show significantly better cardiovascular health due to improved breathing systems while dancing. Dancing is an aerobic form of exercise and for the children who are overweight, it is the best way to help them lose weight steadily.

Dance classes taken at performing art academies have additional educational benefits for children, that go along with the above mentioned physical advantages. These institutions teach discipline and focus, which are beneficial to other areas of child’s life. These academies also understand that students who are engaged in physical activities, like dancing, are more likely to perform better academically.

It is also known that dance promotes children getting to know their bodies better. They are challenged with new ways of moving and remembering choreography. This is beneficial to their self-esteem, as they become more comfortable with their bodies and feel a sense of achievement when perfecting new dance moves. They are able to discover themselves in an enhanced way which in turn boosts their confidence and self-recognition. The importance of the child’s need to develop a positive attitude and self-expression should not be understated. Placing your child in dance classes will not only be fun for them, but can improve their physical and mental development, especially among young children.

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