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What Exactly is Cervical Spine Surgery?
Last comment by katie12 1 year, 9 months ago.

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Cervical spine surgery is a surgery that is normally elective. This procedure is typically conducted to treat pain in the neck. Many different things can cause neck pain. It could just be that it happens due to the way your body is built. Herniated discs, muscle spasms, osteoarthritis, spinal fractures, and deformities can all be causes of neck pain. When you go to see your physician, they are generally going to find out whether the pain is being caused by a joint, by the nerves, or by the spinal cord itself. The source of the pain has a major impact on the type of cervical spine procedure that will be recommended.

Many individuals do not know what a herniated disc is. A disc is simply the cartilage pads that are located between the vertebrae. Each disk consists of two different parts. The first part is the nucleus pulposus. This part loses moisture as it ages. The annulus fibrosis is a tough outer ring that can be split as an individual age or because of an injury. If you have a herniated disc, this means that you have a disc in which the nucleus pulposus has ruptured the annulus fibrosis. A bulging disc is not the same thing as a herniated disc. If you have a bulging disc this means that part of the nucleus polyposis is protruding out into the spinal canal. Unlike with a herniated disc, the annulus fibrosis is intact.

Man,individuals wonder whether they should have surgery. There are things that you can do to prevent having to undergo this type of surgery. First, you can do your best to stay healthy. This means regular exercise, maintaining your weight, not smoking, doing everything possible to avoid continuous repetitive motion, and being careful when lifting or carrying things. Many patients choose surgery, but others can find other therapies that alleviate their symptoms so that the patient can either avoid or put off having to undergo surgery.

Typically, surgery is only suggested once other forms of therapy has failed. If the patient is unable to function on their own, then surgery may be recommended. There are other times that this type of surgery is recommended if the patient begins to experience neurological problems that are progressive.

Many individuals worry about complications with this type of surgery or that if they do not rush and do the surgery as soon as possible they may be unable to reverse any type of injury that may have occurred. Everyone and each injury is different. Based on your specific injury, your doctor is going to provide you with advice about your surgery. If there is any time that you need to worry about having the surgery as soon as possible, your doctor will inform you of this and of why it is necessary to move forward with the surgery as soon as possible.

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