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What is SharePoint?

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Did you know that more than ¾ of Fortune 500 companies are utilizing SharePoint? Did you know that SharePoint can actually be used in a number of different ways? That’s why finding a definition of SharePoint that explains its purpose can be so difficult. SharePoint is more than just a software program; it is a software platform that utilizes multiple programs. SharePoint isn't something that can be bought and then installed at home onto your laptop. Instead, it is a back-end system that links the mobile and PC devices that your employees use to one another. This allows your staff to communicate with one another and synchronize their work easily.

SharePoint makes it possible for companies that have many employees spread throughout a variety of locations to work on projects with the same level of coordination as a company that has all of their staff completing jobs from one office. If you are thinking about incorporating SharePoint into your business, you need to seek out a SharePoint consultant today. There are many ways that companies use this service.

First of all, businesses use it as their intranet. The intranet for a company is the internally facing site that all of the individuals employed by the company can log into in order to find news, tasks, announcements, and other information relevant to the job. Dashboards are customizable, and you can even grant different levels of access. This makes sure that every employee has access to pertinent information that is needed in order for them to perform their daily tasks but does not have access to things that are outside their job responsibilities.

SharePoint is also used intending to provide businesses with a way that they can store their documents. It allows documents that are critical for the business to be shared among staff rather than only being accessible on one employee's hard drive. Anyone in the company should be able to access the documents that are stored within SharePoint. The only time that this is not true is when the administrator for the business limits access to specific documents. This minimizes it takes in order for an employee to be able to gather information that is relevant for them to be able to perform their daily job tasks. Coworkers can work simultaneously on a project, which will increase the overall productivity of your employees.

Finally, SharePoint increases the collaboration among your employees. It simplifies the process for keeping everyone up-to-date on what is going on and makes coordinating projects much more efficient. SharePoint was designed with the intention of making interactions among employees much easier. SharePoint can be signed into from any mobile device or desktop computer by employees. This provides constant access to information that may be critical to the job or project at hand.

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