Tips to Fly First Class without Breaking the Bank
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As you know, these days, flying in first class flights without spending serious money is next to impossible. But even then, if you wish to travel sitting on first class seats without digging a hole in your pocket, here are some fantastic tips.

But before that you should have the basic knowledge about what is the difference between first class and business class and here they are,

First class vs. business class

It all depends on the specific aircraft, airline and the route. For some, there is hardly any difference between the two while for others, first class is just a step above the business class. This mostly happens with the domestic flights. But in case of international flights, first class passengers don’t usually have any seat next to them; they enjoy better service including superior quality food and beverages, and access to the best airport lounges. However, both in domestic and international flights, first class fly is costlier than business class. And unless, you’re stinking rich, it’s really difficult to justify the expense of first class tickets if business class is available, particularly on domestic trips.

Tips to get first class tips

On domestic flights, you can see more business class seats than seats belonging to first class. In both cases, you can use the below-mentioned tips to get a first class traveler without paying a fortune.

• Stay loyal – Many airlines offer loyalty programs though they are not what they should be. Even after traveling thousands of miles with your preferred airlines, you may not get what they once were. But those miles will add up and definitely you can make use of them to get a free upgrade. But don’t forget to mind the expiry date and make sure you’ve read all the emails you’ve received from them.

• Buy points – You can find a number of websites that let you buy and sell points. But be careful, many airlines don’t allow those points and as a result, you may lose your miles or can’t even access the miles you’ve bought. So better you purchase them from the airline directly. Usually every point costs 2.5 cents per mile. Watch for the promotional offers. Whether you’d be allowed to travel in first class depends on a number of factors; so know them well before you make your purchase.

• Choose good time – Business travelers don’t fly all through the week. They usually target weekends for traveling. So weekdays would leave more business class seats up to grab.

• Look for open seats – If you’re lucky enough to get a coach seat towards the frontage of the aircraft, wait for the cabin door to shut. If there is any vacant first class seat, you can request the flight assistant whether you can move there. Of course, you should take time to say hi and strike up a good conversation with the attendant after you’ve boarded the airship.

• Grab easy up opportunity – Make use of easy-up fares. Buy a premium economy or book an upgradeable coach seat and then apply your airline points to get into a business class/first class.

It’s not easy to get upgraded flight class for less and purchase cheap first class tickets. In most cases, you’re likely t pay something. Still following the tips would help you get the best without costing an arm and a leg.

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