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Rubber surface for playgrounds – how it holds up

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Now, the truth is that there are quite a few different decisions that you would most definitely have to make when you decide to go ahead and construct a playground. It is remarkably true if you want to do an impeccable job. With this in mind, the flooring solution is undoubted one of the most important things that you have to account.

There are a few different choices that you can go. From laminate, hardwood, granite and marble to rubber surfaces for playgrounds, the benefits strongly skew towards the latter. The reasons for this are plentiful, so let's go right ahead and take a look.

1. Perfect performance

Right off the bat, rubber is far better and comfortable than all the options above. While they might have their applications for other things, when it comes to an outdoor or an indoor playground, rubber is the better option. It's thermally insulated, and it retains the heat, it's shock-absorbing, making it perfect for young children and it brings a range of additional advantages.

2. It's highly customizable

While other solutions are also customizable, the option that we provide you to pour into place. It means that we are capable of satisfying a range of different design requirements. Furthermore, the thickness is also highly customizable for various solutions. With this in mind, it's easier for us to create a shock-absorbing option which will provide you with everything you might need. After all, safety should always come first.

Additionally, we offer 24 different standard colors and combinations, making the entire thing convenient as it gets. It is without a doubt the greatest option in comparison to what's left on the market. Furthermore, it's noise and sounds isolated, meaning that you wouldn't have to worry about excessive noise. It's particularly easy to maintain which is critical because we are all well aware of the mess that a kid can leave behind.

A rubber surface for playgrounds is, of course, the best option when it comes to it and it's something that you should most definitely consider. It's an excellent and convenient choice which is also cost-effective when you consider the durability that you will get in return. You can expect to use this for about 30 years, which is without a doubt a significant period of exploitation. It is a good, long-term investment to consider.

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