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IVF Treatment in India is a procedure in which the eggs of the women is removed from her ovaries and at the same time sperm of the male member is collected and kept in the laboratory for the fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs the eggs will transfer into women uterus in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.
IVF Treatment in India is especially for the couples who are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected regular intercourse for a long time and still unsuccessful. Nowadays medical science has made rapid advances through which it becomes easy for the childless couple to have their own baby by undergoing the IVF Treatment in procedure.
How the success of IVF Treatment in India affected?
The success of IVF Treatment in India by the following factors:
a) Age: Age is one of the most important factors through which your IVF Treatment in India is affected the most. If your age is over 35 years than the eggs which you produce is of poor quality as compared with the quality of the eggs produced by the women under age 35 years.
b) Lifestyle changes: Lifestyle changes can affect your IVF Treatment in India, in case you smoke or consume alcohol. Your fertility expert will advise you to quit smoking and alcohol at least 3 months before they start your IVF Treatment in India. As being a smoker it decreases your chances of becoming pregnant and also you require the high doses of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries.
c) Past Pregnancy history: In case you were pregnant before the IVF Treatment in India, then there are successful chances of IVF cycle, however, the chances of IVF cycle reduces in case you have repeated history of miscarriages.
d) Weight: Your body weight also plays an important role while you are undergoing the IVF Treatment in India and also it affects the chances of successful pregnancy. If your body weight is extra then your BMI then you need to reduce those extra pounds as it has been found that the women with overweight have increased the risk of miscarriages and also have only fewer chances of successful IVF cycle as compared with the women with normal body weight. You should also note that while undergoing the IVF Treatment in India you are not underweight as well. Being overweight or underweight both can affect your IVF cycle and it is very important for you to maintain the ideal weight according to BMI to increase the chances of successful pregnancy.
IVF Treatment Cost in India
IVF Treatment Cost in India is very less because the medications and the doctor fees in India are less as compared with other western countries and the doctors and the surgeons use the same international quality for the IVF Treatment in India but at low-cost. They believe in providing you the best IVF Treatment in India but without compromising with your health and also provide you the best medical and personal care to achieve your goal of holding your own baby in your hands.
To fix an appointment with the best IVF specialist for your IVF Treatment in India email us at or you can contact us on +91 9029304141.

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