Cost –Effective Spine Surgery in India
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Spine Surgery in India performed by the highly skilled and experienced spine surgeon who treat all the spinal problems and provide you the best Spinal Surgery in India to get rid of the pain. The Spine Surgery in India is done to treat the disorders of the spine such as disc problems of neck and back, spinal fractures, spine deformities, spine Bifida etc.
Procedures for Spine Surgery in India
The following are the procedures performed by the spine surgeon to treat the spinal problems.
a) Decompression: Decompression is the procedure of Spine Surgery in India which relieves the pressure on the nerve roots that has been caused by the herniated disc by a spinal tumor etc. The spine surgeon will perform this procedure as laminectomy or they perform as the minimally invasive procedure by using a microsurgical instrument which helps them to remove the pain surgically and after this, you will experience the relief of the symptoms of decompression.
b) Fusion: Fusion is the procedure of Spine Surgery in India where two or more vertebrae are joined. This is the procedure in which damage and the painful vertebrae are fused into stable solid bone. The aim of fusion surgery is to eliminate the pain which has been caused by the abnormal motion of the vertebrae. This surgery commonly used to treat the lumbar region of the spine and also to treat the cervical and thoracic problems.
c) Disc Replacement: Disc replacement is one of the most commonly used procedures of the Spine Surgery in India which helps in removing the disc and space is packed with bone graft. The spine surgeons will recommend the disc replacement only in the case when other non-surgical treatments are failed to reduce the pain by affected disc.
d) Discectomy: Discectomy is the procedure of the Spine Surgery in India in which the spine surgeons will remove the central section of the herniated disc due to which the pain is caused in the spinal cord. The aim of the discectomy surgery is to provide the relief from the pain by removing the affected tissue. This procedure of the Spine Surgery in India is performed either as an open surgery or as a minimally invasive surgery.
The main aim of the spine surgeon to perform the Spine Surgery in India is to relief the patient from the pain which is caused by the herniated disc and offers them a better and healthy life to live.
To offer the best Spine Surgery in India and also provide the best medical and personal care for all the patients traveling to India for their Spine Surgery in India by using their latest and modern technology to treat their spinal problems.
Spine Surgery cost in Delhi
The Spine Surgery cost in Delhi is very reasonable and easily afforded by the people of every class. The Spine Surgery cost in Delhi is one-fifth of the cost as compared with the other western countries.
For further details on the Spine Surgery in India send us your medical history at or you can call us on (+91) 9029304141 (10 am. To 8 pm. IST)

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