ICSI Treatment in Delhi – At affordable cost

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ICSI Treatment in Delhi for the treating the infertility issues of the male members who have poor or low quality of sperm counts and they lost their all hope to become a father of own baby. The fertility experts at the network the clinics of We Care Health Services in Delhi provide the best ICSI Treatment in Delhi to all the male infertile couples at affordable cost and also achieve the highest success rate.
The procedure of the ICSI Treatment in Delhi is same as the IVF treatment but only the step of fertilization is different in ICSI Treatment in Delhi. IVF is a procedure in which a number of sperms mixed with one egg for fertilization to occur, however, in the ICSI Treatment in Delhi only single sperm is directly injected into the eggs for fertilization.
The ICSI Treatment cost in India is very reasonable as compared to the other western countries and also suits to the pocket of every individual. The ICSI Treatment cost in India is the major factor which attracts more people to travel to India for their ICSI Treatment in Delhi. The fertility experts at the network the clinics of We Care Health Services in Delhi offer the best ICSI Treatment in Delhi by using the latest and modern technology to make your dream of becoming a father of own child true.
The fertility experts will recommend the ICSI Treatment in Delhi to those male members who have
• The low or poor quality of sperms.
• Abnormal shape of sperm which results in poor mobility.
• Sperms collected from the testicles and not present in the ejaculated. This procedure of ICSI Treatment in Delhi required when the male member has an irreversible vasectomy.
Before the male member undergoes for the ICSI Treatment in Delhi the fertility expert will recommend some blood test, ultrasound etc. to check the sperm counts, if it’s very low then it can result in genetic issues.
Usually, the one cycle of the ICSI Treatment in Delhi takes between four to six weeks to complete the procedure and the couples need to stay for the full day at the clinic for the egg and sperm retrieval process. The couples can go back home and after two to six days they have to visit the clinic for the embryo transfer procedure.
The success rate of the ICSI Treatment in Delhi is quite high as compared with other western countries. However, the success rate of ICSI Treatment in Delhi depends on of various factors such as age, cause of fertility etc. The success rate for ICSI Treatment in Delhi for women under age is around 65-75%, however, the success rate for women over the age of 40 years dip to 40-45% which is again quite high.
For more details on ICSI treatment in India send your quires at info@wecareindia.com or call on (+91) 9029304141 (10 am. To 8 pm. IST)

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