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Heart Surgery in India is performed by the highly skilled and experienced heart surgeon to regularize the heart problems. Heart Surgery in India can be performed on both children and adults. The most common type of Heart Surgery in India for adults is coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).
Why the CABG Heart Surgery in India performed?
The CABG Heart Surgery in India performed to improve the flow of blood to the heart and the people who are suffering from coronary heart disease (CHD) for them CABG is the best Heart Surgery in India.
What is coronary heart disease CHD?
CHD is a disease where a fatty substance builds inside the heart artery of the patient which is known as plaque. The formation of plaque can minimize the flow of the blood to your heart and narrow your arteries. If the plaque ruptures, then the blood clot can be formed on the surface of your heart. A large blood clot on the surface of your heart can completely block the blood flow through the coronary artery and this is the most common cause of heart attack.
Procedure of CABG Heart Surgery in India
During the CABG Heart Surgery in India, your surgeon will give you the general anesthesia and it will take around 3 to 6 hours to complete the surgery. The surgeons then will gain the access to your heart chest cavity and perform by running the incision on the sternum. After that, the surgeon will stop the heart by hypothermia and attach the graft to its suitable size. The surgeons will able to maintain the circulation of heart by using the heart-lung-machine and it also allows the graft goes into the aorta and to the other end into the coronary artery beyond the narrowed part after that the chest is closed and dressed.
Recovery after CABG Heart Surgery in India
After the CABG Heart Surgery in India, you can recover within 2 to 3 days and your surgeon will prescribe some medication to prevent you from the pain and the unwanted blood clotting. After that you can resume your daily normal activities such as walking, eating regular food etc. but with few limitations, as suggested by your surgeon. Full recovery after the CABG Heart Surgery in India will take around 6 to 8 weeks.
CABG Heart Surgery Cost in India
The CABG Heart Surgery Cost in India is very reasonable as compared with the other western countries as they charge very high for the same procedure which the surgeons of Heart Surgery in India charged. India is a country where doctors and surgeons fees are very less as compared with the fees of doctors or surgeons in any other western countries and the treatment which doctors or surgeons provide is India for Heart Surgery in India at low-cost but without compromising the quality of treatment.
If you are looking for the best heart surgeons for any type of Heart Surgery in India then send us your detailed medical history at info@wecareindia.com or you can contact us on +91 9029304141.

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