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How to avoid a car accident: tips for novice drive

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Proper braking
Driving courses give only basic driving skills, sufficient for passing the exams and for more or less safe driving in standard road conditions. However, on the road, there often take place situations that require immediate, cold-blooded reaction from the driver. Unfortunately, the statistics of road accidents indicate that often this reaction is not proper or timely.

Therefore, these days, the skills of defensive driving are highly relevant. The defensive driving techniques are used when it comes to avoiding a collision, which might possibly have a fatal outcome for you and your passengers. This type of driving is not taught at regular driving schools, but it is it kind of skill that can save your life in a critical situation.

Where to start
You should first and foremost start with basics, that is the first thing that is taught at the driving school: a proper sitting position in the car. However, statistically speaking, when it comes to passing their driving test, a lot of novice drivers at least partially ignore some simple basic rules.

Thus, once you have sat in the driver's seat, you need to check and adjust the mirrors - all three should provide an optimal view. In addition, you should never start driving if the mirrors are not available, for example, if they are misted or the glass is frozen. The driver's seat should be adjusted so that you could shift in any gear and push in the clutch to the end without having to change your position even slightly.

Add more predictability
Contrary to popular belief, the basis for the defensive driving involves not the ability to to do some tricks with a car but the ability to predict things on the road. That is, the ability to make your maneuvers on the road understandable and predictable for other drivers. To do this, it is enough to follow these simple rules: do not make sharp maneuvers and always inform other drivers about your intentions with the help of turn signals.

Change lanes suddenly, overtaking other drivers without using your indicators, or using them while actually overtaking them – these are the reasons why most traffic accidents take place and why a lot of people get injuries and even lose their lives. If you should get into a serious accident, a personal injury lawyer will explain the steps you should take after a car accident in Scarborough.

Driving inattention
Unfortunately, many drivers do not pay enough attention to the traffic situation and get distracted by completely different and minor things: eating or drinking while driving, searching for radio stations or consulting the map on the navigator. Even if a person can do several things at the same time, a decrease in attentiveness as well as in the reaction time is inevitable.

We do hope you find this article helpful and informative and you will now start being more conscious when driving your vehicle on the road.

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