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What is IUI Treatment India?

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IUI Treatment India is a fertility treatment in which your husband sperms will be placed into your uterus to facilitate fertilization. The IUI Treatment India is designed to increase the sperm number so that the sperms will reach to your fallopian tubes and increase the chances of fertilization. IUI Treatment India helps the sperm by pushing them; however, still sperm requires reaching and fertilizing the egg on its own. The IUI Treatment India is a less invasive and less expensive treatment when compared to other assisted reproductive methods.
How IUI Treatment India performed?
Before you begin with IUI Treatment India the ovulation-stimulating medications may be given to you by your fertility experts that help them to monitor the maturity of the eggs in your ovaries. The IUI India procedure will be performed around the time of ovulation, about 24-36 hours after the surge in LH hormone which indicates that the ovulation will occur soon.
After that, your fertility expert will remove your husband sperms from the seminal fluid by processing the semen in the laboratory and then the sperm is injected directly into your uterine cavity. The IUI Treatment India helps in maximizing the number of sperm cells which are placed into your uterus and will increase the chances of the conception.
The IUI India procedure will take only a few minutes to complete and after the treatment you will experience minimal discomfort. The next step is to watch for signs and symptoms of pregnancy.
Success Rate of IUI Treatment India
The success of IUI Treatment India depends on several factors such as the age of the women, cause of infertility, fertility drugs used for the treatment etc. If you have the IUI India procedure performed each month then the success rates may reach as high as around 45 to 55% per cycle for the women under age of 35 years and this success rate will dip down to 25 to 35% in case women age is over 40 years.
Risk of IUI Treatment India
The major risk of IUI Treatment India is the multiple pregnancies. Since you are superovulated and more than one egg of yours get fertilized which results into twins, or triplets or even quadruplets. Your fertility expert is unable to control the growth of follicles which results in the risk of multiple pregnancies even more after IUI Treatment India rather than IVF treatment.
IUI Treatment Cost India
The IUI Treatment Cost India varies from clinic to clinic; however, the estimated IUI Treatment Cost India ranges between USD 500 to USD 1000 for the entire treatment cycle. However, if you use the gonadotropin injections for superovulation then the IUI Treatment Cost India will increase to USD 2500, however, if you compare the cost of IUI Treatment India with other countries you will find a huge difference in costs.
IUI India is a simple, inexpensive and effective form of therapy, and can be first tried by the couples before going on to more expensive treatment options.

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