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Weird Things Linked to Heart Attacks

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of Americans”. This is a pretty serious and scary description, especially considering that there is often little indication of a healthy issue leading up to a heart attack. When it comes to heart attacks, most people think that sedentary living and a steady diet of greasy food is to be blamed. While the diet and lifestyle do play a role not to mention the family history, there are other less common factors which are linked with heart trouble. Consider the warning from the American Heart Association that says, the heart attack symptoms can span from minor, ambiguous and even be nonexistent.
Here are few weird things linked to heart attacks:

Calcium supplements

A 2012 study in the journal Heart in which about 23,000 people participated found that although dietary intake didn’t seem to be a problem but those who take the calcium supplements had a higher heart attack risk that those who didn’t. Consult your doctor about taking the calcium as some research suggests that calcium can protect the heart. Dr. Wood advices patients to get the calcium in their diet by eating oily fish twice a week along with other foods which have calcium and get outdoors for vitamin D.

Relationship issues

A negative relationship with your significant other can be literally bad for your heart. According the study by epidermiologists at the University College London, the relationship problems can up your risk of having a heart attack by 34%.

Low HDL cholesterol

A researcher at Indiana University conducted a study of nearly 7,000 people to analyze the relation between HDL or good cholesterol and major coronary events; it concluded that the low HDL was the third strongest predictor of coronary events after prior heart disease and age. Author of Smart at Heart Dr. Wood says, “If young people have heart attacks, I can almost always tell you they have low HDL. There are ways to increase good cholesterol and the two most powerful tools are weight loss and exercise.

Kidney problems

The study of elderly patients in Rotterdam, Netherlands found that having weak kidneys even with full-blown kidney disease can put you at a significantly higher risk for heart attack. Another study of 10,000 men found that people with chronic kidney disease had a two-fold greater risk of heart attack than those who didn’t.


Dr. Wood says, “The link between depression and heart attacks is well documented.” She says that the heart attack survivors who are depressed have a higher risk of having another compared to those without depression. According to the 2009 study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, it was found that the women with depression were twice as likely to develop the heart disease over time as those who weren’t depressed.

Gum disease

Studies have shown that people with gum disease can have up to 25% greater risk of heart disease than people with good dental health. This connection is thought to be mouth bacteria which trigger the chronic inflammation in the blood vessels. Dr. Wood says, “If you have disease in the vessels in one place in your body, then you have them in other vessels as well.”


Although most people with diabetes fear complications such as vision loss or amputation, one of the greatest risks is actually heart disease. People with diabetes are around two to four times likely to die of the heart disease than their same age peers without diabetes. The good news is that exercise and healthy eating can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke for people with diabetes.

Bottom line

Heart attacks don’t always strike out of the blue. Often there are weird things linked to it such as unusual symptoms in the days and weeks leading to an attack. As you can see, the symptoms of a heart attack are not always clear. So be on the lookout for the cluster of symptoms that come on all at once but aren’t typical of how you normally feel. If you are unsure then don’t make the mistake of waiting around instead have a chat with your doctor immediately.


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