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What to do if you have been bitten by a dog
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We know since childhood that dogs are our friends. But they not always think so. First of all, a dog is an animal with its instincts and not fully predictable behavior. There are several essential things to do if you have been bitten by a dog. We are going to share them with you today.

1. Protect yourself from the dog attacking you and do your best to identify its owner. It is very important, because if the dog turns out to be a stray one, you will need to take a series of expensive rabies shots. As soon as you found the owner, get his contact information including the name, address and phone number. Find the witnesses of the accident if possible and put down their contacts too.

2. Then seek for immediate medical attention. Depending on the extent of your injury, go to the nearest hospital yourself or ask someone to drive you there. Even if your injury may seem minor, don’t neglect medical treatment. Only professional doctors can estimate the real seriousness of your wounds.

3. After getting proper medical treatment and consultation, you can file a dog bite report. Bite reports are legal documents that include detailed information about a bite accident. You should fill one, if you want your local authorities to enforce effectively in order to protect the next possible victims of the same dog.

4. Use the information about the dog and its owner to find more details about the dog’s history. Search for the dog license information and any official records about it. Maybe, it has already bitten someone before attacking you. If there are previous victims, try to contact them and get more information about the way they claimed their compensation.

5. In order to gather evidences, take photos of all the damages you have sustained, including the injuries, bruises, scratches, torn clothes or blood stains. Don’t wash or repair your clothes if it keeps any marks of the accident. In case your wounds are bandaged, ask your doctor how to uncover them safely and photograph them. You will need all those photos when negotiating your compensation sum.

6. Hire a dog bite attorney to help you deal with this legal issue. It’s always better to entrust your case to an expert who knows how to navigate through and will defend your interests. Find a professional dog bite injury lawyer in Toronto in order not to struggle through the stages of the case yourself.

7. The best way of gathering all the factors for getting a compensation is keeping a diary of all your experience concerning the dog bite. Start your records on the first day of the accident and put down the details of your health condition. It is very important to document the treatment you undergo together with its cost, because it will help in determining the sum of the compensation. Learn the criteria for a personal injury claim and indicate the fitting points of your case.

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