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4 Medical Tourism Factors That Help You Choose The

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Over the last few decades, the medical tourism industry has been steadily progressing and over 12 million people travel abroad for the medical treatment. The availability of more hospitals in the developing countries can now accommodate the every increasing demand for the medical tourism as the cost of healthcare in Western nations continues to rise at alarming rates. Along with the increasing number of the world class hospitals and healthcare centres across the globe, the standards of care has also been rising rapidly. In future this will attract many international customers to their facilities to seek their services.

India is one of the many countries that has been rapidly developing its medical tourism industry. About 1,78,000 tourists have visited the country for medical purposes in 2016. Among these the major share of tourists were from the African and Middle East countries, UK, US and Canada while rest of the tourists were from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. All this shows the medical popularity for India is mainly due to the following 4 medical tourism factors.

Checking Hospital’s Credentials:

Most hospitals in developing countries partner to get the international accreditations which ensures to provide the basic international health standards which are met by the facility. Choose the accredited hospitals to ensure that you receive treatment at a hygienic atmosphere with risks of diseases or illness are minimal. Often there are hospitals related to the country’s best medical universities that provide the doctors who are trained with the highest standards of education and training in their fields. These larger health institutions provide the most advanced medical equipment available and have the specialty areas with bigger medical facilities and specialized staff to serve the patients. Choose the best facilities as they have the most experience to perform a variety of procedures.

Determining A Hospital’s Specialties

Most hospitals provide treatments for many conditions, however, each of them are renowned for few specialty treatments or services. Hence patients are advised to choose a hospital that specialize in a particular surgery or procedures. As the developing countries obtain the latest and most advanced technology, more facilities now offer more invasive procedure which are performed safely. The modern technology combined with doctor’s knowledge of medicine has made it quite safe to offer safe procedures in the developing countries. Further the cost of procedures is much more affordable than getting the same treatment in the West.

Accepted Payment Methods

Most hospitals provide various options for payment methods that help to make it more convenient for the patients. Online payments have become a popular way to pay for medical treatments for the international patients. Many hospitals also offer other payment options for those who are not familiar with the online payment methods. Patients should check with their medical facility before travelling to see they accept which types of payment they accept. Other payment methods includes the money orders, cheaques, credit cards, debit cards and in rare cases cash.

Individualized Care

A reputable and business oriented hospital provide the best services that the medical tourists are seeking. The international hospitals are prime examples of the facilities catering to a variety of patients from different cultures, ethnicities, background and religions. You can travel to the international renowned hospitals that are accredited by the international organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) as they will treat with dignity and respect during your stay. Respecting every individual patient is paramount to their international reputation and success as the best medical tourist destination hospitals. Though each hospital has certain policies and procedures to ensure that the patients get treated well during their stay, it is responsibility of the patients to perform thorough research into the facility they will be staying at. Be reasonable with your expectations and the hospital will be more than happy to accommodate your individualized needs.


With you undertake the responsibility to do proper research as excellent care is available at various medical tourists’ destinations. Indian HealthGuru has been a pioneer in assisting the medical tourists from abroad to get their surgery and treatments at the right hospital in India. Ask any question you have at contact@indianhealthguru.com or +91-9371136499.

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