Ottoman Storage Beds - A Clever Space-Saving Solut

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A bedroom is a place where you should be able to go to when you need to chill out and recharge your batteries after a hard day's work so that you can benefit from a restful night's sleep. When your room is untidy because of too much clutter not stored away properly or organised, it stops it from being the tranquil place of rest and relaxation it could be. With the help of an Ottoman storage bed, you will be able to fight the clutter and create more available space to open up your bedroom.

What Makes Ottoman Storage Bed

Storage beds are not a particularly new concept, as divans have always been popular. However, Ottoman beds differ from divans. They take their name from the storage units of the same name – those long rectangular-shaped boxes that are often found at the base or foot of beds and are used for storing spare bed linen and towels. With an Ottoman storage bed, the base becomes the lid of the box and is hinged so that it can be lifted up to give easy access to the storage space. I recently bought this lovely Ottoman storage bed in white, and it is amazing how much storage space it provides.

Benefits Of Choosing An Ottoman Storage Bed

Additional Space

The major benefit of investing in an Ottoman storage bed is, without doubt, the volume of space it offers you for storage. Rather than taking up floor, drawer, airing cupboard or wardrobe space – the bulkier items such as spare bed linen, towels and other miscellaneous items can be stored away out of sight beneath the base of the bed. Thanks to the gas-lift hydraulics that are a feature of most Ottoman beds, there is almost no effort required at all to access your stored items. The same can be said for closing the box again – a simple press down on the mattress pushes the lid back over the storage cavity.

Practical But Also Stylish Too

As well as the already discussed benefit of additional storage space hidden away, Ottoman beds are designed nowadays to fit in with a wide variety of colour schemes and décor. If you want a stylish and chic look for your luxurious and relaxing bedroom, an Ottoman bed may be the right choice for you.

Long Life

Due to the fact, the base of the bed is used as a storage space, Ottoman beds are constructed to be incredibly durable and have a long life. When used properly and maintain sufficiently - they can be something that lasts a very long time compared to other beds.

No Assembly Necessary

If you are less than keen on flat pack furniture then an Ottoman bed may be a good choice as there is virtually no assembly required. All the hydraulic mechanisms and other technical components will already be in place and the most you may have to do is screw a headboard to it if you choose to have one.

If you are finding it difficult to store all of the items in your bedroom out of sight to make it less cluttered and relaxing; an Ottoman storage bed may be a wise choice. As you can see from the above they are practical, stylish and a welcome addition to any home.

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