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9 Ways to Create a More Stable Lifestyle

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Some of us naturally struggle with creating and maintaining a stable lifestyle. Mental illnesses like bipolar disorder or attention deficit disorder can make stability a challenge, as can conditions like autism. Stability is more than mental and emotional, though. It's about daily routines, managing money, and staying healthy. Maybe you have no hindering mental or emotional conditions, but you were simply never taught how to create stability in your life. Here are some ways to get -- and stay -- a little more stable.
1) Make Stability A Goal
Consistency and stability requires a conscious effort. If it hasn't come naturally to you by this point in your life, it's not going to come naturally at all. It's essential to put in the daily effort toward stability.
2) Get Organized
Set aside a day -- or two, if you think you'll need it -- to organize yourself. Do you need to declutter? Do it. Do you need to file important documents? Do it. Do you need to create or completely overhaul your workspace? Do it! Don't forget about digital organization, too. The use of a cloud computing system can help you store and organize digital files in the cloud, freeing up space on your PC.
3) Budget Your Money
If you're feeling financially stressed, chances are you're not working within a budget. Take the time to list all your income and expenses, find out where you need to cut some expenses, and create a schedule that ensures your bills are paid on time. Creating a budget can be stressful, but you'll save yourself headaches in the long run by sticking to it.
4) Create Routines
Routines sound boring, but they help focus your thinking and make you feel more stable. Create a bedtime routine to include a cup of tea and a book, or have a quick yoga session after work to wind down.
5) Take Care Of Your Body
Sleeping well, eating a balanced diet of healthy food, and getting exercise are all proven ways to keep yourself well. When you feel well, it's easier to stick to your new stable lifestyle and commit to consistency.
6) Monitor Your Emotions
It's okay to feel pain, rage, or crushing depression. It's even okay to cry about it, for hours if that's what you feel like you have to do, but don't allow yourself to stay in that emotional mindset. Get it all worked out of your system, take a deep breath, and will yourself to act based on what is logically the best thing to do. Stability is a product of logic, and your emotions will dismantle your progress if you let them.
7) Remove Toxic People
As painful as it may be to do, sometimes you have to cut people out of your life in order to find your stability. Some people drag you down, distract you, or take from you. It's okay to let those people go to give yourself a chance to find steady ground.
8) Find An Outlet
Whether it's art, music, writing, dance, or martial arts, find some hobby or interest that will give your emotions and thoughts an outlet. You'll feel better and you'll be better able to stick to your stability.
9) Use To-Do Lists
To-Do lists help focus your mind and engage your motivation. Don't worry too much about accomplishing everything on your list at first. Just getting into the habit of writing a to-do list is an accomplishment. Over time, you'll get better and better at finishing your lists.
The most important thing is to stay encouraged. As mentioned above, stability takes commitment. If you slip up for a day or two, don't let it get you down. Just pick up where you left off and keep going. It will pay off!

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