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The Types of Horse Racing in the U.S.

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Horseracing is a highly competitive and lucrative sport in the United States and around the world. These strong Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses are incredible running machines and have the bloodline to prove it. After a long history that has made this high-class sport what it is today, five primary types of horseracing take place in the U.S.

The least competitive type of horseracing is known as the maiden race. For racehorses that have not yet won a race, the first track is known as ‘breaking his maiden.’ A maiden race is the first race that a horse wins, although some horses begin their careers in a stakes or allowance race, a horse typically remains in maiden races until it has won its first run.

Maiden claiming is a claiming race, and the horses in claiming races are the lowest-class horses at the track. Each horse in a claiming race has a price, and an individual can put in a request before the race starts if they want to claim the horse. This person will become the new owner of the horse, and the original owner will receive the purse placed on the horse. Horses can become injured or even die during these races so that it can be a shaky wager for some.

Allowance races are the next step up, and while the horses are no longer for sale, the bets do get more substantial. In these tracks, these horses must carry an amount of weight, which led to the term ‘allowance.’ Only non-runners of a specific weight can run, excluding those from maiden, claiming, or starter races.

The top-performing racehorses begin to run in stake races. These horses may be the top in the local area or the country, depending on the race or region. These horses are the most prestigious and hold the most significant purses, varying from the smaller tracks to nationally-acclaimed tracks and races. In the Kentucky Derby, purses have escalated into the millions. Resources such as TVG help fans to keep updated about the latest and best tracks and runners, nationwide.

The most competitive type of horseracing is a Graded Stake race. These are important races, and restricted stakes are not eligible for this kind of race. The Graded Stakes Committee has three primary grades for horses, which 1 being the highest caliber and three being the lowest. Horses’ qualifications and performances in the past are taken into account; the best tracks have the highest grade, and most moderate-sized records have a variety.

Horseracing can be a complex as well as competitive sport. There is much to grade horses on, and as humans in their careers, they must start from the bottom and work their way up. With a long history, horseracing and these strong, majestic animals are not going anywhere soon.

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