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Heart Transplant Surgery in India is a surgery in which the surgeons will remove the patient’s diseased heart with the heart of the healthy deceased donor. Before removing the heart of the deceased donor, two or more healthcare providers declare that the brain of the donor is dead.
Heart Transplant Surgery in India is a best and lifesaving option for the patients who are at the end of the stage of the heart failure. Before the patient undergoes for the Heart Transplant Surgery in India procedure the surgeon will make sure that the patient is healthy enough to go through the Heart Transplant Surgery in India procedure.
The surgeons will recommend the Heart Transplant Surgery in India to only those patients whose heart is failing and all other treatments are failed to save the life.
End stage of the heart failure is the disease in which the patient’s heart muscles failing to pump the enough blood through the body and this means that no other treatment will work on this condition as the end stage of the heart failure is the final stage. Heart failure does not mean that the patient heart stop beating, it means that the patient heart muscles are failing to pump the enough blood normally because of weak or damage heart.
There are the following causes of heart failures:
• Heart attack
• High blood pressure
• Heart muscles are affected by viral infection
• Arrhythmias (Irregular heartbeats)
• Low red blood cell count
• Consumption of alcohol
• Heart valve disease
According to study the immune of the patient may reject the new heart and the rejection is the normal reaction to a foreign tissue. When the patient receives the new heart, the immune system of the patient’s body reacts what it see as the foreign threat and attacks on the new organ placed in the body. To allow the Heart Transplant Surgery in India to survive in a new body, the surgeons will give some medicines. The medicines will help the patient’s immune system to accept the Heart Transplant Surgery in India and keep it from attacking it.
The patient has to take the medicines for the rest of their life to prevent the rejection in the body. These medicines have some side effects as well and it will depend on the specific type of the medicines given to the patient by their surgeon and also the risk depends on the specific health condition of the patient. Before undergoing for the Heart Transplant Surgery in India the patient should discuss with the heart transplant surgeon that whether the Heart Transplant Surgery in India is good for them or not.
If you are the patient who is dealing with the end stage of the heart failure and need Heart transplant surgery in India the send us your detailed medical history you can contact us on +91 9029304141.

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