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Promises vs. Reality
Last comment by kaushal44 6 months, 1 week ago.

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When you open the website of a certain custom online writing service, you will immediately stumble upon claims that the company hires the best academic writers in the industry. Although there are companies that really have exceptional teams of writers that never fail to deliver utmost quality, it’s not possible for all services to have the best writers in their teams.

This leads us to the conclusion that not all claims you read at a particular website are true, so you should take your research further in order to determine whether or not the company is capable of meeting your expectations.

What Type of Writer Do You Need?

Unfortunately, most companies present in the custom-writing industry delegate the orders to freelance writers who don’t have the needed background for the projects they work on. They conduct a research through online sources, gather questionable information and then re-write the content just to avoid plagiarism search engines. If you order a paper with an extremely short deadline from these services, then you will be in real trouble.

On the other hand, there are also essay writing companies that have hired versatile teams of writers who hold degrees in various academic areas. When such company receives your order, it will search for the most suitable member of its team to work on it. This means that your history paper will be completed by a writer who holds an MA or PhD in history, depending on the level of quality you choose.

These writers are capable to cover any topic that belongs to their niche without any effort. They have access to an extensive base of resources that they know how to use. All used sources will be properly cited and the uniqueness of your paper will go beyond 100% plagiarism-free; the content will be based on a captivating discussion that will impress your professor with uniqueness and creativity.

It is clear what type of writer you need for your project. You can only benefit from a company that delegates your paper to a professional who understands its topic and is capable of completing top-notch content within a short period of time.

How to Make the Right Choice

If you still haven’t found a company that’s right for your needs, you shouldn’t despair. There are writers from all fields of study available to hire online; you only need to locate the companies they work for. There are few guiding points that can help you determine which online writing service has hired reliable writers in its team:

● The company enables you to contact the writer directly through all stages of the process. Direct collaboration is the best chance of determining whether the writer of your project understands the matter they are supposed to cover.

Ask questions and start a constructive discussion associated to the topic; if the writer understands what you are saying, accepts your comments and provides relevant feedback, then you’re on the right path towards getting an awesome paper.

However, if you notice that the writer is not willing to collaborate and doesn’t know how to answer important questions associated to the essence of your paper, then it won’t be late to immediately ask for a refund and take your money elsewhere.

● Avoid companies that claim to have only MA and PhD writers in their team, but you see copy-writing mentioned as a service they offer. This is a simple fact that doesn’t need further elaboration: writers who have obtained graduate degrees would never base their work on copyrighting, and this means that the service is hiring freelance writers with no relevant education to do the work in disguise.

● You should also avoid companies that are too cheap when compared to the average prices offered by the competition.

● Make sure the website features information about the way the company hires its writers and the qualifications they have, good example is the Essays Area website of papers writing. You shouldn’t be satisfied with random claims such as “we have the best writers on the market”. Make sure to find more information. If you don’t find additionally elaborated details about the company’s writing team, then you should continue with your search until you find a more reliable service.

● Reading reviews is your best chance of hiring a suitable writer for your order. Make sure to base your estimation upon reliable reviews that don’t go in favor of a certain company because the reviewing team has been paid to brag about it.

You need a really honest reviewing website that enables its visitors to comment and share their own experiences. By reading what level of satisfaction real users got from a particular service, you will know whether or not it’s worth hiring.

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kaushal44 commented on Saturday, Oct 13, 2018 at 04:57 AM

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