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How To Make It So You Never Get Fired

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Nobody wants to be fired. Unfortunately, it is a very real possibility for many workers. As an employee, however, there are some things you can do to drastically reduce your chances of getting fired in the future. This guide will go over the steps you can take so you'll never have to face being fired.
Be A Valuable Employee
The best way to avoid ever getting fired is to position yourself as a valuable employee. If you become valuable enough to your employer, they will strongly hesitate to fire you because of the importance you have to their company. You can be a more valuable employee by accomplishing things such as organizing the company, successfully bringing on many new clients, consistently hiring excellent employees, initializing successful new ideas and more. Perhaps most importantly, seek out and embrace positive change.
Work In An In-Demand Industry
To avoid being fired due to layoffs or when a better candidate comes along, you can seek employment in a field that is in very high demand. The tech industry and the healthcare field are two industries that are growing exponentially. You are much less likely to be fired from a profession that has a shortage of workers, such as registered nurses. Tech workers, like those working in Salt Lake City web development, also have high levels of job security for the foreseeable future, because their role is integral to the success of most companies. Of course, do remember the industries that are in demand do change over time, so you must be willing to adapt and change.
Always Be On Time
This should go without saying as something you must do to keep a job. However, things do happen and you are bound to be late every now and again. The key is to build good will so that when you are late, it is seen as an abnormality rather than as part of a pattern. Do not make a habit of being late, whether for meetings or regular workdays. This will make you seem as though you are unreliable, which will make your employer consider whether you are a good enough employee to remain at the company.
Never Abuse Company Benefits
Companies provide their workers with a number of benefits in exchange for working there, in addition to a regular salary. Never, ever abuse these benefits. The one that many people take advantage of are sick days. It can be very tempting to call in sick when you want to attend an event or aren't feeling well, even if you are not actually sick. Violating company policies of any kind will very likely get you fired, especially if you repeat the offense. By extension, do not steal from your company in any capacity. Do not take supplies without permission.
Never Lie To Get The Job
It is often very tempting to lie on your resume or in a job interview because you think that is what the hiring manager wants to hear. One of the most common deceptions is to change dates of employment slightly to cover up any gaps. Instead of doing this, simply be honest about why you had a lapse in employment and what you did during that time to better yourself. Lying on your resume may very well get you the job. However, you run the risk of getting found out later, in which case you will almost certainly be fired. Even if you were a great employee, lying about your abilities and past experience will ruin your reputation at your current company. It is simply not worth the risk.
Although getting fired is the fear of nearly all employees, there are fortunately many things you can do to make it so getting fired will never happen to you. Follow the rules, bring value to your company and choose a position that employers are struggling to fill. If you do all of those things, you will make it so it will be nearly impossible for your employer to let you go.

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