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Homemade Meals In Less Time

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With our fast-paced, busy schedules that we lead these days, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to nourish ourselves with good healthy meals on a daily basis. The typical American family with children is running around before, during, and after school---often times into the evening, and it is almost impossible to prepare healthy food that we need in the time that we have.

Something has to change!
Fortunately, for us, there is a wealth of information on the internet regarding simple tips and tricks that we can do to front-load our weekly meal plan and provide homemade meals to our loved ones in less time. Here are a few tips and tricks that we've found that take minutes, even hours, off of prep and cook time:

Quick Morning Smoothies
For a nutritious breakfast that won't have consequences on your time or your waistline, consider blending up a huge batch of fruits and veggies for smoothies and then freezing them in muffin tins. Once the batch is completely frozen, remove from the muffin tins and place in plastic bags or containers for a quick and healthy morning meal.

Order Out---The Healthy Way
There are a number of home meal delivery companies that specialize in delivering freshly prepared meals with healthy ingredients. If you have a little more money to spend on the convenience of delivery to your door, this is a wonderful way to feed your family well.

Suddenly Salad
If you are in need of a quick tip for getting heads of iceberg lettuce "salad ready", flip the head upside down in the palm of one hand so that the core is exposed. Grip the knob on the bottom firmly with the other hand, dig your fingers in until you have a good hold on it, and pull briskly upward. Your lettuce will be salad, taco, or wrap ready within minutes.

Prepare Fruits And Veggies Ahead Of Time
If you like to juice, but do not like the time and effort it takes to cut, chop and prepare produce for its run through your juicer, consider prepping the night before. Place ingredients for each juice in a separate plastic bag once ready, and in the morning, grab a bag and hit the power button. You'll have delicious juice in no time. Now if the juicer just cleaned itself......

Cook Your Veggies In One Afternoon
Taking the time to wash, cut, and prepare fresh vegetables is time-consuming. This is also not the first thing we usually go for on our plates when we are hungry, either. Picking an afternoon to wash, cook, and store your veggies for side dishes will ensure that you are getting better nutrition on the fly.

Beans On The Go
Who needs the preservatives and chemicals found in canned beans? For pennies on the dollar, you can cook up a large batch of delicious homemade beans on a weekend and freeze in convenient containers. Heat them up for a quick and nutritious addition to any main dish.

Soften Butter For Dinner----Fast!
Serving fresh, warm dinner rolls without spreadable butter is such a disappointment. For butter that needs to be softened quickly, pop it in the microwave on a microwave-safe dish at 30% power for 15 seconds. Check the consistency and heat again until it softens.

Help Bread Dough Rise Faster With A Heating Pad
If you want the taste of freshly baked homemade bread, but are short on the time it takes to prepare the dough, set your dough to rise on a heating pad. The time it takes to rise will be cut in half, and you will be sinking your teeth into a fresh slice in no time.

Make Friends With Your Crockpot
There is no better friend to the busy family than the crockpot. Throw your ingredients in, set it and forget it. When you arrive home you will be greeted with a delicious meal that is ready to be plated and served. Sure, you might have to get out of bed that morning to prep ingredients a little earlier than you normally would, but it beats going through the drive-thru on the way home.

There are a number of ways to simplify the process of preparing and cooking food for your family. Gather your troops around, pick out some recipes, schedule some family chop, prep and freeze time, and enjoy the process of nourishing the family together. You'll be glad you made this a priority.

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