3 Ways to Change Up Your Running Routine!

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Running through your neighborhood is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, and it will certainly help you lose weight over time.

The biggest issue with this is that it can become boring!

Along with this, studies have shown that doing strictly long-distance running can damage your joints.

Running the same “course” over and over is too repetitive, and your body and mind both need variety!

Want to change up your regular running routine to help kickstart your body and give yourself a bit of a mental break?

Keep reading below!

Get to the Track and Run Some Sprints!

If you are a “distance runner,” a day of 100-meter sprints will probably do your body well!

There are tons of different benefits of running sprints, and even more so if you are already an established distance runner.

If you are running to lose weight, sprinting is an excellent way to increase your metabolism and help you burn fat even faster.

Along with this benefit, changing from distance running to sprinting can help spark some additional muscle strength and performance ability throughout your body and especially your legs!

Mixing up your daily longer runs with a sprint session is an excellent way to help push through any barriers you are having and improving your run times!

Challenge Yourself with Running Hills or Running Stairs!

Running hills or stairs is a challenging task for even trained athletes, which is why it is a wonderful way to train if you are a runner.

Running up hills is an excellent way to train your running form, while taking quite a bit of stress off your joints.

Running stairs is one of the best ways to improve your foot speed, and it can be very useful for improving the time it takes for you to run through each stride.

The biggest advantage of both types of running is that they will work your legs in a very unique way, which will ultimately allow you to run further and faster.

If you are a distance runner, it is very important to find new and unique ways to challenge your body.

Taking an afternoon to run an hour of hills or stairs is a perfect way to do that!

Try Some Agility Work, You Might Like It!

Let’s face it, most of us can only go for a 3-mile run so many days before we get completely bored.

Agility work, on the other hand, comes in tons of different forms!

Don’t believe me?

Check out https://www.adamkempfitness.com/speed-ladder/ so you can see how many different types of agility drills you can do with only a speed ladder!

Whether you decide to get out on the football or soccer field and do cone drills, or you want to run through an obstacle course, these types of agility-based drills are excellent from improving cardiovascular endurance.

If you work on these forms of exercise, you will find running to be much easier and more enjoyable!

Concluding Thoughts

If you would like to continue progressing as a distance runner, you will still need to change your workouts up from time to time.

If you add these alternative forms of running in to your weekly workout plan, you can be sure that you will not plateau in your training.

Along with that, you will find your longer distance runs to be more enjoyable!

Taking a break from your regular training routine will help you reset on your goalsand look forward to new milestones in your running career!

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