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Using Nature as a Therapeutic Tool

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The Western world has evolved into a fast-paced technical society where little attention is paid to nature. Brick and concrete urban settings cover the earth in an attempt to keep the traffic flow of life smooth and orderly. However, in the process of trying to accommodate the masses, we have lost sight of how nature and mankind were designed to work together.
Nature deprivation has become the topic of many researchers in recent years. Field studies were conducted at the Human-Environment Research Lab and the results were very interesting. When subjects were exposed to nature, as opposed to inside surroundings, an overwhelming connection to others and the world proved obvious. There was an increased sense of belonging from those that sat in a room and played video games.

Ecotherapy is best described as a method of introducing people to nature in order for them to reap the benefits of its natural healing, both physical and emotional. Also coined Green Therapy or Nature Therapy, it is an applied practice designed by historian and psychologist Theodore Roszak. He is well known for his remarks concerning the direction of the baby boomer society. Roszak argued that replacing nature with science could have repressive consequences. This was before the introduction of technology, but the idea is the same. When nature is ignored in society, a disconnect seems to occur in everything around us. Ecotherapy is best described as a method of reintroducing people to nature in order for them to reap the benefits of its natural healing, both physical and emotional. Many therapists use this method today.

Get Grounded with the Earth
It is said that grounding to the earth can help to relieve stress and to open senses to a higher plane of existence. Every living thing in this world is made up of energy and the human body is no exception. The easiest way to discover this little miracle is to go outside and connect with the soil.
The great outdoors is the perfect location to meditate. Find a quiet site where the chatter of the world is not a deterrent. Sit or lie on the ground and try to clear your mind. concentrate on the sun and wind as it touches your face. Breathe slowly through the nose. Close your eyes and take in all the sounds and scents around you. The tweeting birds and the earthy scents may be a new experience for you, but a calming sense will be the outcome.

Children at Risk
A recent report shows that children that are exposed to nature have a much better chance in gaining improved cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being faculties. The mere contact with natural elements, such as rocks, flowers, soil, etc., seemed paramount in capturing attention and interest. There have also been extensive studies done on treatment of ADHD in children by using Natural Therapy instead of prescription drugs. These results showed a calming effect on otherwise hostile and agitated youngsters.
Teens have also shown signs of improvement from bad behavior, disrespect and poor attitudes by entering into Wilderness Therapy. Troubled teens that suffer from depression and anxiety issues often feel useless and meaningless in the scope of life. Nature provides an emotionally safe place for these adolescents and the discovery of belonging is instantaneous. The use of therapy in the wilderness has been in existence since the 1990s and have had remarkable success. It teaches hope, self-confidence, motivation, emotional control and life skills which is so important as an adult.
Regardless if you are seeking help for yourself or a family member, nature is a great start for finding the answer. Spend time outdoors, really feel the earth and meditate or look into a program to get your kids going in the right direction. Nature is a part of our soul, our cells and DNA. Learn to work with it and learn to love your life.

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