Cardinals will cut off running back Adrian Peterso

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Since 2018, the Cardinals may have Madden Coins eliminated Adrian Peterson, the running back, thinking that the conviction of making room for reorganization will continue. This day has finally arrived.

According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Cardinals will cut Peterson on Monday, US time. In this way, they will not have to pay $750,000 in signing bonuses (as of the third day of the year).

The bonus was part of a two-year contract signed by Peterson with the Saints last season. After the Cardinals acquired him in October, they also got the remaining contract. Patterson had two stunning performances in Arizona. He scored 26 times in the match against the Pirates and pushed 134 yards to score two touchdowns. In the 49ers' match, 37 balls pushed 159 yards and completed 2 Take the ball, advance 8 yards. However, he later entered the injured reserve list due to a neck injury and ended the season.

Sheft also said that Peterson still has the opportunity to return to the Cardinals. However, compared to David Johnson, he may not have much playing time.

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