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How to Join a Sports Team in College

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College life is amazing. It’s time to achieve success, have fun, meet new friends, and find your true self. There are different types of students you will meet in college: nerds, athletes, beauty queens, sleepers, achievers, and so on.

Being an athlete type in college is probably one of the most beneficial and at the same time challenging choice. Of course, there are both pros and cons of being an athlete in college. So, if you plan to join a sports team, you should definitely consider all the factors in order to decide whether it’s worth it.

Pros of joining a sports team:
- Playing a sport you like a lot;
- Meeting friends with the same interests;
- Learning about time management and responsibility;
- Developing communication and strong leadership skills.

Cons of joining a sports team:
- Having busy weekends full of tournaments and no rest;
- Getting in trouble with low academic performance or not having enough time to study;
- Having a possibility of injury;
- Not getting enough sleep because of constant training.

Now you know what to expect. All you need to do is learn about the ways to join your college sports team. First, you need to define what level of sports skills you have and what aim you pursue. Depending on your perspectives, there are three levels of college sports:

1) Intramural sports.
This is the type any college student can join. It is basically a level for beginners which is not coached by professionals. It is usually organized by students as an extracurricular activity. This is where teams play each other.
2) Club sports.
This type is run by teams that organize games with other colleges in their area. You can join club sports if you are already a good player and just want to practice, find new friends, travel, and love competition. Anyone can join, but there might be a limited number of positions in your college for a type of sport you choose. For instance, football and basketball are very popular among students.
3) Varsity sports.
This is a type for real pros. It is run by serious sports organizations like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). That’s where nationally ranked teams play throughout the USA. You need to be the top player to join varsity sports.

Thus, anyone can join intramural or club sports that are school-regulated. For club teams, it might be required to go through tryouts or there might be a limited number of positions available. But, it all depends on the college you are studying in. Some colleges have a few teams of the same sports type, and more chances to get in.

As for varsity sports, if you feel that being an athlete is your calling, you cannot imagine life without sports, and you would like to continue your professional sports development after college to make a career out of it, you should join varsity league. You need to know that varsity sports have three Divisions.

In order to join Division I or Division II sports, you will have to register at NCAA Eligibility Center, and submit your ACT and SAT scores, add your high-school transcripts, and show good academic performance. That’s right, to be an athlete in these Divisions, you have to be a smart student too. This will prove your leadership skills. However, it’s all worth it, as Division I and Division II sports provide athletic and need-based scholarships. Which is a great opportunity! Administration board at Essays.ScholarAdvisor claims that even though there are a lot of scholarship opportunities for college students out there, getting an athletic scholarship from NCAA is considered one of the most prestigious.

Division III teams are a lot easier to join. You can be either recruited by an athletic department at your college or try to walk onto existing team.

Anyway, if you want to join NCAA varsity sports team and continue your sports career even after college, you need to show the initiative to join the team. NCAA coaches usually expect interested college students to contact them. Visit their coach's office and drop off your references (from your previous high school coach), sports bio, motivation letter, and also preferably videos from your previous games. This will start your process of joining a professional sports league in college.

If you want to be an athlete, you should start playing professionally in college. Decide what you want exactly, and choose from all the options mentioned above. Making you sports dream come true is easier that you think. Study all the options and join your college sports team. This will be your first step to success!

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