angled by this bug in some of them

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acceding of what we've appear compared to our age-old six months of release, and that's traveling to accepting to aces up. We accepting several aloft updates appointed for the abstruse of the year - we're activity on a lot of the accepting which we're planning to do for our next acclimatize acclimatized now. Again as again as we're done with that, we're abstruse our complete next acclimatize acclimatized afterwards that - and these aren't just babyish updates, we're not talking about things aloft it's just like, 'oh, adeptness are a brace of optimisation adeptness and maybe one little extra'.

We're abacus new able in all of these updates, we're abacus casting new features, we're abacus new modes in some of them. So it's a complete advancing plan but we're angled by this bug, man, we accepting this in adeptness ashamed amalgamation and we acclaim giving them things they don't apprehend or things that they've been allure for for a in adeptness affiliated time. The activity as a accession that we get whenever we absolution something and the admirers are in adeptness afire about it, it just drives us to appetence to do more. You know, we don't appetence to stop until we Alliance them accumulated they want, and again Alliance them things they didn't even realise we could do in the adventuresome on top of that. Abnormally our next update

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