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Cyber Security Prevention: Handling Cyberthreats

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Cyber-attack is perhaps the primary threat that most business face in the world today. As the world gears on into cyber and technology enhancements, the risks associated with having a cyber-attack is significantly advancing. 2017 saw a total of about 9.32 billion of such attacks, an increase from the 2016’s 7.87 billion attacks. The prospected effects of a cyber-attack upon a business are high, with the most definite being financial losses incurred as a result of identity theft as well as loss of sensitive information which would compromise the company’s sensitive data such as bank details and authorizations. Additional impacts include damage of reputations of victimized companies.
Preventive measures
It is far easier to prevent a cyber-attack than recuperating from the effects of one. Whereas there are numerous cyber threats in the tech-world today, the priority in the self-defense ideology is for you to understand the nature of risks that your business is exposed to. This involves evaluating your cyber infrastructure. After such a successful scan, it is important to conduct a test of the possible loopholes that a potential cyber attacker would most likely utilize in the bid to penetrate your company’s sensitive information vault.
This step involves evaluating diagnostically every cyber device available in your business. For instance, conducting mobile application security testing for all your mobile devices would ensure that no applications are a potential target channel of infiltration. Such a scan can also be extended to all other information infrastructure such as computers that the company uses from time to time. The testing results would give a diagnostic report of the scale of threats and loopholes which would then serve to advise the measures to be taken to ensure that a potential infiltration is prevented.
Safe data handling practices
Data is the primary focus of all cybercriminals. The next important set towards ensuring that a cyber-attack is effectively prevented in your company is ensuring that all company data is stored in a secured manner, away from the potential threat of being compromised. Safe data storage primarily involves the use of protection measures. One of the most suitable is the use of data encryption techniques which ensure that the data is only accessible and readable through the use of a decryption key. This method is particularly highly effective as it ensures that data in transit does not get exposed to cyber threats.
Additional security measures include the use of anti-malware programs which keep out malware which is commonly used to infiltrate stored data. The use of firewalls also ensures that data is secured from internet-based infiltrations which normally seek to compromise sensitive information such as passwords to internet sites.
Develop a contingency and disaster plan
Whereas stiff measures can be put in place to ensure against such a compromise, some level of cybersecurity breach can sometimes occur from unprecedented avenues. It is highly prudential always to have a contingency plan put in place, one which defines what the organization should do in the event of such a breach. The contingency plan should detail a layered security system whereby each loophole is defined regarding the data that can be compromised as well as its sensitivity.
Next, the plan should also outline whether the breach would incur an additional loss of funds, reputation damage, or other sensitive company valuables. Each of the losses caused by the cyber threat would also need to have a countermeasure. For example, loss of company information leading to reputational damage should prompt a release of a position statement to the public through the media seeking to offer an explanation or an apology. A compromise, on the other hand, of bank account details would prompt immediate freezing the company’s banks, therefore banning any transaction. Such contingency measures ensure that there are procedural steps that ought to be implemented in the event of a cybercrime, therefore preventing the company from crumbling under the effects of the cyber-attack.
Whereas cybercrimes are on the rise, the use of the right preventive measures ensures that the company is safe from the respective effects. Regular tests should be done to ensure that the company’s position as far as cyber threats are updated and that it stays in readiness for a cyber-attack. The contingency measures keep the workers aware of the measures to take in the event of one, therefore preventing a panic

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