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What's Actually Healthy and How to Know

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It May Be Confusing, but We're All in This Together
Among the chaos that surrounds our daily lives, we turn to supplements, diets and workout regimens that promise to shape our body into the Greek representations of what's deemed "perfect." Wouldn't it be nice to stroll along a beach with a body that exudes confidence and a belief system that demonstrates self development? But many of us soon realize that not only is getting in shape an intimidating journey, it can be extremely confusing! Juice cleanses, fasting, intermittent feeding windows, going organic, cutting out GMOs, Paleo-friendly meals -- the list goes on!
When diving into this information for the first time we find ourselves becoming overwhelmed and fall into what's commonly referred to as paralysis by analysis. Simply put, too much information is being presented to us in a short period of time and it renders us immobile -- afraid of making the first step. If you've ever wanted to know what works, or simply want to make dieting less complicated, keep reading.
Fact vs. Opinion
The critical component of a successful diet, workout routine or supplement is how it influences your body and energy levels. After starting a diet program do you feel optimistic towards your job, or the next workout that you've scheduled? If so, this may a strong indication that your approach is working in your favor.
Many of us fall for the glitz and glamour surrounding a product and we never take personal inventory of how we feel or perform during certain tasks. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you purchased a product based on good advertising and marketing? Then, several weeks later, you found yourself back at square one -- nothing has changed other than your bank statement being smaller.
Similarly, foods that are actually good for you demonstrate tangible results within a matter of days. As a brief example, individuals that start incorporating organic avocados into their diet can feel their mind become sharp and clear of brain fog within a week after consumption. Health enthusiasts that switch to organic fruits and vegetables claim their physical performance dramatically improved in weeks after making the switch. If your dietary choices aren't providing these types of results, it may be best to move on!
Food Experts and the Placebo Effect
Although the placebo effect often gets a bad wrap, it is absolutely real and a phenomenon that can assist readers in improving their health. An article released by Harvard showcased the power of the placebo effect and how it can influence patients to heal their preexisting issues regardless of the medication given. When researchers gave patients a sugar pill containing no medication and promised them it would alleviate their troubles, something magical happened.
The patients not only got better but their baseline statistics improved and their lifestyle dramatically shifted into a positive direction. For readers that want to lead a healthy lifestyle, stop worrying so much! When making a change in your dietary approach or trying new supplements, listen to your body and how that change makes you feel.
What's more, readers must understand that leaders and experts in the health and fitness world aren't always professionals. Although it may be necessary to consult with a medical doctor or healthcare provider when making lifestyle changes, you don't need to follow a professional to experience real results. Examining certain food additives, as an example, can greatly improve your sense of well being. If you've asked yourself what are GMOs or what is Carrageenan, you're off to a good start! Asking questions can lead your mind to lifestyle choices that will positively influence your health for years. Always approach promises and big claims with the utmost caution -- start small and measure your feedback. If it's positive, keep moving yourself forward.

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