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3 Great Summer Activities For Your Kids

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With summer fast approaching, you're probably starting to wonder what you're going to do with your kids to get them out of the house and away from their iPads and videogames! It can be very challenging in our current culture to get our little digital natives away from their social media streams, but it is imperative to encourage them to get some exercise, develop hobbies outside of staring at a screen and start using those imaginations!

In this post we're going to take a look at three excellent options to inspire your kids this summer – or at the very least get them out of the house. You work hard, and you deserve the afternoons to yourself to read a book, go for a jog or catch up with a friend for a coffee – or better yet, a glass of wine.

Without further ado, here are our top three summer activity recommendations for your children:


Summer Camp:

The holy grail of summer activities, overnight summer camp gets your kids out of the house for weeks at a time, teaches them self-reliance, social skills and practical skills as well. Classic camps like camp Ahmek on Canoe Lake in Algonquin park have sailing, canoeing, arts and crafts, sing-alongs by the fire – in short, all the classic hallmarks of summer camp. As camp attendees get older, they start going out on long canoe trips which are great for building character and a calm mind. One of the best things about overnight camp is that if your children embrace the culture, they have a built-in job when they get older since camps are always in need of counselors. Not only can you take a break from your kids this summer, next summer they'll even be employed!


Music Lessons/ Music Camp: 

Music lessons for kids are less of a commitment than spending two months in the woods, so if your kids are clinging to the city this summer, send them for music lessons at a trustworthy music shop. Summers can be unstructured and sometimes a child's intellect will languish in the summer if they don't have anything to focus on. Music lessons can be fun, and they can also provide a welcome dose of focus and concentration into daily life. So don't let your kid play guitar hero on the TV all day, get them a real electric guitar and give them the opportunity to learn and improvise! If they are really advanced and passionate about their instruments there are specific camps for violin, bass, drums, or anything else where they'll be able to hone their chops.


Scavenger Hunt/ Evergreen Brickworks: 

The sustainable hub at the historic Don Valley Brickworks (now the Evergreen Brickworks) is a really cool example of how a city can transform an urban industrial space into a green hotbed of culture and nature! Between the event space, bike shop, community garden, cafés and the ducks and turtles swimming in the local marshlands, there's plenty to do! They even hold scavenger hunts for kids all throughout the summer, one for very young kids and a more advanced version for older children. In the meantime, you can sip an espresso or a craft beer and check out all the green space and neat architecture. A perfect sunny summer adventure!

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