Eye Makeup and Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

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Picking the right colour of eye makeup and eyeshadow for brown eyes will help accentuate the eye colour and bring more attention to the eyes.

Brown-eyed girls have a lot more options for eye makeup. Because of the dark pigment of the eye, they will be able to have more fun and more options when picking eye makeup and eyeshadow for brown eyes. By wearing the correct eye colour makeup, the eyes will really standout and be the most prominent feature. Remember eye makeup is where we get to have the most fun, so don’t stress. Enjoy the process of finding the right cosmetic colours.

Eyeshadow Colours for Brown Eyes

When choosing eyeshadow colours for brown eyes there is more flexibility than any other eye colour. Since the pigment of the eyes are dark, few colours will conflict with the brown. The best eyeshadow colours for brown eyes are golden browns, blues, greens, greys, purples and burgundy.

With the skin tone in mind, pick a shade of one of the above colours to start with. If an ivory skin tone, choose a natural, more subtle colour. As the skin tone deepens, so can the eye colour makeup. For example, an ivory skin tone can start out with a light or mid-tone purple while a ebony skin tone can start out with a deep purple.

It is important to pick the correct eye colour makeup that will make the whites of the eyes appear whiter, helping the brown colour of the eyes to become brighter and more noticeable.

For eyeliner and mascara eye makeup, choose colours like browns, blacks, and purple. These colours will work best to shape and define eyes. Although greens and blues can be a dramatic touch that may be fun on occasion, but for everyday use, it is better to stick with more neutral colours.

For ivory and beige skin tones, colours in brown and purple for eye liners and mascara will give a more natural look and will be better for daytime use or for work. Use black or more fun colours like greens and blues for evenings and special occasions.

For dark beige and ebony skin tones, any colour can be used during the day, but black and shades of blue and green will be more dramatic and best worn in the evening as well.

Remember, no colour is out of the question, eye makeup should be fun! However, these colours are a sure bet on what would look best and will give a good start for a new beginner to cosmetics. They can also become the “Go To Look” when wanting to look the best.

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