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Chefs Cooking Up Cuisine with All the Best Brands

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Chefs Cooking Up Cuisine with All the Best Brands
Talk to one chef and she will say that one brand of ingredients may be better than another. Talk to another chef and chances are likely to receive a similar reply. So, what this means is that every chef is different from the next. Lucky for the culinary masses, this means exposure to favorite brands we all can try on for size.
Bringing in high quality restaurant supply utensils into the culinary arena is a first step and significant goal for top chefs. Chefs at home also seek to include better quality cutlery in their repertoire of fine knives for higher end-results. What better way to incorporate the best knives than by asking the pros that use them.
French maestro, Daniel Boulud, exquisite chef and restaurant owner understands the quest for the best cutlery. Trusting the Michael Bras collection has taken chef Boulud to higher social and culinary heights with its stainless steel and Japanese PakkaWood design. These two unyielding materials raise the bar where food preparation and kitchen safety are considered high priorities of a culinary art form. Precision cuts, safer handling and impressive design make this brand the sweet spot in the world of incredible knives.
Another well-loved and world-known chef is the late Anthony Bourdain. Chef Anthony covered the deepest crevasses of the earth looking for the ultimate foods, brands and culinary experience. An indisputable knife set loather, Chef Anthony offered his choice preference of novice-friendly kitchen knives as his loyal go-to. Defending his position of using only one top-rated knife in all kitchens, Chef Anthony's personal saber-selection touted the Global G-2 Chef’s knife as the perfect addition. Reasonably priced, anyone from the average homemaker to the finest chefs in the world can comfortably rely on this popular pick.
Chef-inspired refrigeration is the uppermost way to go in professional-grade refrigerating appliances. Influenced by top chefs around the world, both commercial and home-based is the Bluestar brand of commercial-grade refrigerators. Specialty features like dual compressor systems take on the ongoing task of superior odor control and food preservation. This assures moist air and dry air are separately contained for food storage excellence.
But the refrigeration magic doesn't stop there. Design features include ten metal trim options, various configuration options, glass drawers and over 750 finish and color combinations to suit any chef's personal tastes.
Bluestar's fully customizable interior, pull-out shelving, soft-glide drawers and flexible spaces can be customized to handle larger storage trays and food items. Its lighting and cooling features provide creative superior storage, refrigeration and overall convenient functionality.
Bluestar is a full-service appliance brand with an impressive product line. Electric and gas wall ovens, and handcrafted gas ranges offer the highly desired performance, craftsmanship and design.
Food preparation and inspiration is a mental art form in need of premium ingredients, professional atmosphere and kitchen accommodations. Design-specific work tables bring order, flow, convenience and reliability to every palatable presentation.
Randell chef tables puts it all together by combining necessary kitchen elements in organized fashion creating an in-sync protocol between master chef, safety and design. All UL and NSF are listed to meet NSF2, NSF4 and NSF7 requirements. USA pretested manufacturing and design means concise adherence to USA electrical standards with ingenious build-to-suit floor plan accommodations being available. Patented drawer systems, unlimited table configuration, full counters, modular doors and drawers take chef-inspired operations to their maximum potential.
As a chef, it's the little things, the most minute details that raise the bar in fabulous food preparation and presentation. Food Network Star's star entertainer and innovative food connoisseur, Alton Brown brings many of his finest dishes home with a little ingredient with big flavor - kosher salt. Not just any kosher salt will do. It must be Diamond Crystal kosher salt because of its flakiness. Many kosher salts are indiscriminate in their textures and processing methods. Diamond Crystal kosher salt takes the time to exemplify kosher salt quality through natural processing methods.
As a fan of a less-is-more attitude, Chef Alton goes with the flow of selecting kitchen tools that are high quality items anyone can use, leaving more prep-space to beautify those family dinner nights.
One such tool screams pizza! Chef Alton's go-to is the Zyliss Pizza Wheel. What makes it so special? The price of $9.99 will surely raise a few eyebrows. With the cutter designed without a handle to jet out, this gives ultimate hand-control on pizza dough, puff pastry dough and more. A great household addition for even the youngest up and coming chef to boot.
Choosing the best brands makes cooking, baking and creating all the more exciting. There's no need to spend high-end dollars on every item. Be selective. Your best dishes await!

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