Cleaning Patio Beds and Cushions

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If you have ever had the experience of plopping down on your favourite patio chair, only to discover that dust and mildew from the cushion has transferred to your clothes; you know the importance of keeping your patio cushions clean. The day to day accumulation of outdoor dirt and air pollution is attracted to cushions left out on the patio, like a magnet. Also it is easy to forget to take them indoors, and leave them out in the rain to collect dirt and grime, but a few simple steps taken monthly can help lengthen their useful life and keep them looking fresh and new. This will save you money by preventing the need to buy new outdoor cushions each summer. If you do need new, you can buy bargain beds and cushions here.

Check the label on your cushions to see if the manufacturer recommends simply wiping down the cushions with a damp cloth. If your cushions are vinyl or plastic-coated, you can even take them out into the yard and hose them down, prior to drying with a soft cloth or letting them air-dry in the sunshine.

There is no need to purchase fancy cleaning solutions: Combine warm water and liquid laundry detergent in a small pail, dip in your sponge and wring out, then wipe over the patio furniture cushions. Finish up with a clean damp rag and then let dry: If they are particularly sturdy they can even be placed in the washing machine, which is a quick and simple way to get the cushions clean.

If you notice that your outdoor patio cushions have mildewed thanks to exposure to the outdoor elements, heat, and humidity; use a cleaning solution that blends a cup of water to a cup of bleach. Check to be sure, however, that your cushion material is guaranteed to be colourfast. Spray on this solution and give a light rub to eliminate the mildew stains, prior to rinsing the cushions well in clean water and letting dry completely.

Very often a patio chair cushion can become stained with suntan oils and lotions, so it's a good idea in the summer, to save them from wear and tear, to cover them with washable terry cloth towels that can easily be thrown into the washer and dryer. It's also a good idea to turn the cushions around on occasion if they have the same fabric pattern on both sides, so that one side of the seat cushion doesn't get all the wear. This is also good practice as it stops the sun from fading one side of the cushion which keeps your patio looking fresher. Once summer weather has passed, and especially during wet and cold winters, it is wise to remove the patio cushions from your chairs completely and store them away until spring returns; which will save you some money when next summer comes around.

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