What Nobody Tells You About Buying a Mattress

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We think that most people will agree that nothing is more relaxing than snuggling into bed after a long day. But, what most people won't tell you is the trouble they went through to buy their new mattress. Whether you are buying a brand new mattress or you have selected to shop around for cheap divan beds as there is so much to consider. Here is a quick guide to everything nobody has told you about buying a mattress.

The right time to buy a mattress
There is a "cheapest" time to buy a new mattress. Many experts recommend that you buy a mattress close to a holiday. At these times, mattresses are usually marked down to attract more shoppers. Many stores also hold white sales in January, where they dramatically cut the prices of their mattresses. Always remember that an expensive mattress won't necessarily mean a good night's sleep.

Negotiations are open!
Though it may surprise most people, it is possible to negotiate the price of a mattress at most of the bigger mattress chains. Negotiation won't mean that you'll get the mattress at half price but you may get it delivered for free, which will save you a nice little amount. You'll also have a better chance of getting a discount or redeeming a coupon if you go to the store to purchase a mattress, rather than buying online.

Firm is not the same firmness everywhere
While labels might state the firmness, you should know that one company's firm could very well be another company's soft. The only way to determine if the firmness is right for you is to lie down on the bed and try it for yourself.

It's really hard to return a mattress
Most mattress retailers could allow you to try out your mattress for up to 90 days. What you do need to keep in mind is that money you get back from the retail will be different from one store to another when you return it. You might also find that some companies charge an exchange fee or disposal fee.

You can get an organic mattress
The foam which many mattresses are made of contains petroleum oil, which in some cases can cause health problems. There are a number of organic mattress manufacturers around. These mattresses are made from plant oils. You do need to note that these are more costly.

Buying a mattress online is as easy as buying a pair of shoes.
That's right, you can pick up a mattress as easily as you can buy a pair of shoes and many of the large online retailers also offer free shipping. In fact, there are some retailers who operate exclusively online. This is great for those who don't like to leave the house. They'll even deliver your mattress in a nifty box. And, they also offer a full refund if you are not happy. On the downside, you won't be able to test out your new mattress before clicking that add to cart button.

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