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What is Expungement?

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Record expungement means to erase or remove something, particularly a criminal charge, from your records. It is the process in which a person’s criminal record is sealed from state or federal records and the charges are treated as if they never happened. In basic terms, with expungement, a person with past criminal charges is allowed to say that they have never had any charges against them and start over.

However, this does not mean that a person is forgiven of their crimes. There will still be those repercussions of the crime committed. For those who did not receive negative publicity from their crimes or consider them to be mistakes made by a younger person, they can actually move on as if nothing happened - get a job, gain good housing, get a home or car loan. However, for those with public trials or a reputation in their community, they may not so easily be able to ‘erase’ the past per record expungement.

Record expungement in the United States means that public officials, such as the courts and law enforcement, must grant a sort of pardon for crimes committed in the past. These direct orders must be granted by a judge or in court to be done properly. Record expungement does take place at the state level, so record expungement in PA and other states may be different. A state court must accept your reasons for record expungement.

When it comes to felony expungement, there are going to be limits. After you’ve spoken to a lawyer about record expungement, understand what you can and cannot do with this newfound power. You may be able to find a new community, a new job, and even a home, but as stated, record expungement does not include what has been published with online news outlets or spread around on social media. While it is state-dependent, some documentation is out of the jurisdiction of a state’s legal system and public reputation can do a lot of good and bad for a person.

There are many reasons for a person to expunge their criminal past. Regardless of the reason for a person being charged with a felony, most people with a criminal background need to be able to move on with a good job and a good housing situation in order to become productive citizens again. Many people deserve a second chance, even those with felony charges, so record expungement is a fair option if granted.

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