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How to Organize Your Kid's Room

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How to Organize Your Kid’s Room Without Them Noticing
We’ve all been there: the room is a mess, Tom can’t find any school clothes, you’re stepping on legos, and now Becky missed the bus. And it all started because the kid’s room was a mess. No one likes stepping on action figures and finding hidden candy underneath the pillows. So here are 5 ways to clean your kid’s room--without them even knowing it’s being cleaned.
Scavenger Hunt
Kids love games. You can put your 5-year-old outside with a stick and a Goku black figure and next thing you know he’s waging war against an invisible army of characters from Dragon Ball Z. Kids are easy to entertain. Luckily, there are ways to make cleaning into a game. First, try having a scavenger hunt. Do a walk-through of your child’s room first and make a list of the items on the floor. Once you have a good list, make the reward. Bake a quick treat and then bring your child near. Remember to use your imagination. Make it a fun by saying, “I have hidden 15 items in your room. If you can find all 15 and put them away, you will earn a cookie.”
10 Minute Tidy
Another thing you can do is make a “10 Minute Tidy” after dinner and before dessert. Have everyone in the house scatter for 10 minutes to clean up any clutter that is in the individual’s room. The person who has the cleanest room by the end of the 10 minutes will get to choose the desert.
Go Fish
For getting kids to help with the laundry in their room, play go-fish with socks. Split a pile of the socks with the family and have each person use their socks as go-fish cards. Make sure to put the leftover socks in a bag in the middle of the group. Have the starting player ask if anyone has a match to their sock. If not, Go-Fish! Let the game go on until all the socks all folded and put away. It’s a fun way to get the chore completed!
The Boogie Monster
This is a classic that my parents did to me as a kid--and it worked. The Boogie Monster would go into my room while I was at school and gather all the toys and clothes on the floor into a large bag. When I got home, all the stuff I left out had disappeared! To get my toys back, I had to perform other household chores. Once that was done, I was allowed to raid the Boogie Monster’s sack of toys. Give it a try with your kids. If it doesn’t work, no problem. Move on to the next way to get the room clean.
Hide and Seek
Playing hide and seek in a messy room sounds pretty easy. But what is easier is hiding treats and candy under the clothes and having your child clean up to find them. Have a small basket ready for your child to put the candy that she finds into. Make sure it’s a rule that if a candy is touching clothes or a toy, that toy has to be put away. Your child will have so much fun searching for the treats hidden in the room! But make sure to keep the hidden treats easy to find--you won’t want to lose more candy in her room.
It’s important to teach your kids how to keep their things tidy and clean. Here are some more cleaning ideas and games to play with your kids. Why do chores have to be boring? Instead, teach your kids to have fun while doing it. At the very least, put on some music and have a dance-cleaning party with your kid in his or her room. Make sure that when they grow up, they’ll still be fond of the cleaning memories that they had with their parents.

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