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Goodbye to varicose veins and spider veins

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Varicose veins and spider veins are the subjects of many Vein Doctor Nyc. Especially in women whose quality of life and the aesthetics of their legs are affected because of these issues. What treatments and surgeries allow eliminating them?

The varicose veins and spider veins are one of the main reasons why many women hide their legs. It is best to consult a top New York vein doctor. Varicose veins affect the entire population, being somewhat more frequent in women than in men.
What are varicose veins?
The varicose veins in the legs are a common circulatory disorder or malfunction of the venous system, which is formed by the alteration and/or loss of elasticity of the walls of the veins of the legs, which dilate or inflame irreversibly. These are forming a kind of purple or bluish tangle under the skin, which can be seen in any territory of the legs, being more frequent in the back of the calves or the inner side of the legs.
The cause is that they stop working the valves inside the veins, which direct the flow of blood, allowing and helping to flow from the extremities to the heart. When these valves do not work properly, the blood does not normally migrate to the heart, accumulating in the veins of the legs and causing them to dilate.
This condition has a hereditary component, which means that the weakness in the wall of the veins is of genetic origin. They facilitate their appearance of pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and smoking, jobs that have to stand up, treatments with hormones, constipation, thrombophlebitis, congenitally defective valves or the consumption of contraceptive pills.
Exams and Diagnosis
The examinations that patients should perform visibly have legs with varicose veins are the Doppler venous echo, which allows to confirm the diagnosis and determine the cause and extent of the problem. This study helps to determine with certainty the exact site of the malfunction of the venous system, facilitating that a mapping of the veins and affected areas can be carried out.
Often, the diagnosis of varicose veins is simple at New York Vein Centre and is determined simply by the clinical picture and the standing physical examination. In the case of spider veins, the same tests should be performed to rule out the presence of non-visible varies that are ill or reflux episodes. If there is a presence of reflux, treatment should be started by it first.

Treatment for vein issues
Prior to surgery, the treatment is only symptomatic, aimed at reducing discomfort and avoiding some complications. The varicose veins are chronic and do not remit or improve on their own since the elastic fibbers of the vein wall were overcome.
Also there are many vein clinics NYC where one can get treatment for these issues.
That is why once present, there are no medications or remedies for vein treatment New York that could lead to its reduction or elimination, only best way is to talk with Doctor.

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