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Tips on remodeling from HireRush

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Often people in the rush to save money and cut down the time needed for home remodeling make things worse. In the end, it appears that it was much easier not to save at this or that point of renovation than to sort out the mess after the “savings.”

HireRush is a platform that offers contractors’ services and deals with home improvement and renovation on a daily basis. Over the years, experts have seen repetitive mistakes made by homeowners and decided to collect the most common of them. Read below what savings you should avoid when performing a home renovation project.

But first things first. When you only start your home remodeling, you usually set two main goals: to finish it as soon as possible and to have it done perfectly to avoid another home remodeling in the nearest future (and preferably – never). Such goals are absolutely logical but rarely achieved. The general advice from experts is to spend more time and budget now, but live in a perfect place for many years to come instead of putting the finishing touches to the remodeled house for the rest of your life.

1. Get rid of all shabby things

This advice is primarily focused on homes that are more than 50 years old. These houses have very strong walls, but the plaster lost its strength many years ago. This means that you need to remove it. Yes, it’s a dirty job, but it’s the only way to ensure that you will never have to face the peeling off paint and tiles.

The general rule here is to remove the nondurable finish totally. You know the saying, “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”. The same applies to renovations. First, you need to clean off the whitewash, crack filler, peel off the old wallpapers, and also remove the crumbling plaster. If you see that the plaster is in good condition (it hasn’t peeled off from the wall), then examine it closer by striking it in different places on the wall. The peeled off plaster will make a “ringing” sound and in this case, it should be removed.

The old wooden floors should also be removed and destroyed. It’s much easier to install new flooring than to even the old, dry, and squeaking floorboards.

2. Plaster the walls with screed strips

Flat vertical walls are a tough goal for plastering. Yet, if you apply plaster correctly only once, they won’t require any remakes during the next home renovation. With the properly evened and plastered walls you can receive:
Perfect wallpapers, ideally laid tiles, and perfect sticking of any other wall decoration material;
Easy and fast installation of doors and other built-in furniture pieces;
Seamless cases and plinths.

What are screed strips?

Screed strips or plaster screeds are special metal rails that are attached to the walls or ceiling surface 3-4,5 ft apart from each other. With the screed strips, contractors are able to evenly cover the walls with plaster. As a result, the walls get plastered perfectly. Such preparation will cost more but last for many upcoming years. Keep in mind that this is a very complex and meticulous job that requires a lot of skill and experience. If you’re remodeling your home without a professional help, then make sure that at least the wall plastering is performed by a professional.

3. Leave indention

This point is about the service hatches. Every apartment and house has lots of appliances which require regular maintenance and sometimes repair. If you hide these appliances, then special openings are made to simplify future access. These openings are called service hatches. For example, with the help of the service patches, you will be checking water meter and get access to valves in the bathroom.
The common problem for homeowners is that service hatches are frequently visible to unaided eyes. But when you choose and install wall covering materials, you need to remember that all pipes, valves, meters, and filters will eventually require maintenance and repairs, so you need to think of some easy way to access them.

You can find many kinds of service hatches in the stores. They come in all forms and colors, and materials to ensure that they are almost invisible and don’t destroy the overall beauty of your home renovation.

4. Don’t overcomplicate

Murphy’s law says “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Every additional element of any system reduces its reliability.

For instance, very often people consider installing collectors for pipes; this offers a possibility to turn off water in every pipe separately. While in theory this sounds great, in reality, you will have to get lots of empty space for all those pipes. Furthermore, if vents on these collectors are not used regularly, they break down very fast.

The bottom line. Spend a little more on your home remodel and make everything simple, yet functional. Properly installed water supply system or HVAC system will require very little maintenance in the long run. Yes, be ready to break your head over planning with your professional remodeling contactors, but always remember that all your tough work will pay off later by offering comfort and reliability of all home systems.

5. Always act based on codes

Never ever should you perform any renovations and home remodeling if you don’t know the local and country building codes. This vital knowledge is a must-have for your home remodeling contractors as well. If you neglect the codes and later on decide to, let’s say, hang a painting, you risk making a hole in a wall with all your electrical cables and as a result, breaking the whole system. Now answer the question: do you really want it to happen?

Without any doubts, the answer is a firm "No!" So, yes, be a little nerdy, but keep up with the construction codes to avoid any problems with your home in the future.
The cost of a room remodeling
The cost of a room remodeling highly depends on the square footage of your room. The bigger the room, the higher will be the price your contractor will ask for. The average cost for a one-room remodeling is about $1,757. Typically, people pay between $987 and $2,723.

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