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Qualities of Semi jewels
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The semi precious stones have a really various worth among them and it is a lot easier to obtain semiprecious stones of terrific size and pureness (clean) than gemstones of such attributes.

The oscillation of value or price of semi precious gemstones will certainly depend upon the same conditions that affect the precious stones: solidity, rarity and elegance and perfection (purity, shade, brightness and also transparency). There are about 130 mineral species cataloged as semiprecious, in addition to pink topaz and also rainbow moonstone.

Let's see listed below the most essential and those made use of in precious jewelry.


Main attribute of the ruby gemstone is the extreme and also brilliant red color that its very own name suggests. This shade is due to the steels that compose it, iron and also chromium. It comes from the household of diamond -like the sapphire- and also has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs range. It is the hardest rock after the diamond. When removed from nature, the ruby has a crude and also disrespectful appearance, once picked those that are going to be made use of in precious jewelry and after being sculpted, they embrace that unique radiant tone that makes them so majestic. Think about that only in between 1% and also 5% of the rubies drawn out from nature are selected for use in jewelry.


It can have numerous shades and shades - depending on the development of its silica microcrystals (quartz) - and be transparent, translucent or nontransparent.

The development of the agates results from the flow of underground waters that are in proximity to the silicon saturations, to the filling of the tooth cavities or indoor openings of the rocks and the dissolution of the materials that exist: shells, bones, and so on. This procedure results from the characteristic concentric bands of the agates, which advise us of the knots of the trunks of trees. The term agate comes from the Greek "Achates", which is the designation of the river with the very same name. His firmness on the Mohs scale is 7.


Really it is a version of it, but light green blue. As the name recommends, its shade as well as illumination reminds us of sea water. Its name originates from the Latin aqua marina, and also formerly it was also known as the sailor's stone.


As we already recognize, the purple was considered a jewel, yet after the discovery of mines in Brazil, its rarity was lost and it entered into the group of semiprecious rocks. It is the most priced estimate quartz range on the market. Its most valued color is a lilac violet, but can be yellow and also even transparent, relying on the quantity of iron it consists of. His hardness on the Mohs scale is 7. In spite of having dropped a ladder and be a semiprecious stone, because of its charm and also popularity should have that, later, we compose an exclusive short article for her.


It is another variant of quartz, but of lemon yellow shade as well as with its very same scale of solidity, 7 Mohs. Its name originates from the French citron. Formerly, it had actually come to be called "quartz topaz" as a result of its similarity to topaz, yet we have to make it clear that they are two totally various rocks.

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