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Going Boldly Together with RahelleHaviland Young
Now on its second year, Going Boldlylaunches another event this coming 22nd of June 2019. This inspiring event, organized by RahelleHaviland Young and co-founder Jill Barras, aims to form a community of leaders to inspire, encourage, and spark motivation for individuals seeking for growth and wisdom.This conference will be held at Vito’s Pizza and Italian Ristorante from 12in the afternoon until 6 in the evening located in Mesa, Arizona, USA.
The first everGoing Boldly event happened last year in May. Itwas viewed as a great achievement for many. Following its success, the organizers pushed for another annual event to continue the tradition of empowering individuals who are in search of personal and professional growth.
What is Going Boldly?
Going Boldly is a community that is dedicated in gathering interesting leaders and motivational speakers who aim to inspire, ignite and invoke greatness to people from all walks of like. These revered speakers provide and share their knowledge and expertise from their respective industries and advocacies.They are geared with amazing stories and experiences that provide new concepts that the participants can utilize.
The speakers for this year’s event will be Dirk Van Leenen, author of Holocaust Books, and Jill Barras who is a co-founder of Going Boldly. In addition to that, the hosts for the said conference will be Israel Young, owner of Somoseo Digital Marketing, and of course, RahelleHaviland Young who is also a co-founder of Going Boldly. With these inspiring people spearheading the convention, it is definitely something to look forward to.
This event is a big chance for folks who are seeking growth and development – be it for personal, emotional, mental, or professional purposes. This conference is also a great time and opportunity for networking wherein different people meet and connect with each other through common interests, passion, and goals. Knowing and befriending more people means a greater and sturdier network who can offer support in times of hardships and challenges. This remains true for people in the business world. Being able to reach out to a larger network enables one to be more productive and knowledgeable with a big support group. At the same time, participants can also learn new ideas, discover different strategies and make use of unique techniques that they can apply in their own lives, businesses, or projects.
What’s In It For Me?
Both RahelleHaviland Young and Jill Barras’mission is to create an inspirational community of people who dare to go boldly together as one and be able to share their unique stories, experiences, leadership values, and knowledge that can be very helpful to other people.They believe that through this event, people are given the chance to collaborate with others who are willing to impart abundant, meaningful and significant information that is essential to one’s evolution. If you are interested to join this amazing event, be sure to visit the Going Boldly website and find more about what is in store for you.
Are you ready to go bold? Get ready to be a part of a revolutionary community.


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