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How to choose the gemstone
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Misinformed people often use the ingenuity of buyers selling fake gemstones at exorbitant prices. For this reason we suggest some tips for the best choice of your precious stones and especially to help you know the basic conditions that make a precious stone is of good quality. Although the knowledge of gemology demands years of study in addition to the use of technical instruments, it is no secret to access knowledge of the basic rules. Here are therefore some useful tips that will help you choose your jewelry from precious gemstones supplier avoiding further dislikes.
Attention to the color of the precious stone
50% of the value of a gemstone is determined by its color. The golden rule is: neither too light, nor too dark. A best cubic zirconia should have a balanced and harmonious color.
Harmony of colors
Its color should be the same, perfectly visible throughout the gem - this does not apply to the Opals - No angle of the precious stone should be more shaded or lighter, the color should be uniform.
 Ideal color?
Here is a yes and a no. There are remarkable colors like the famous Blue of the loose sapphire stones or the Red of the Ruby "Blood of Dove" but we must remember that the ideal color must correspond to each type of precious stone. In the case of the Esmeralda, the green should be very intense with reflections of blue (or yellow following the sense of its size). An emerald too light will have less value than an emerald with a well defined color and higher saturation. And staying in the green gems if we take the Diopside its green is neutral, powerful and very bright.
Attention to the weight of the precious stone
It is mistakenly believed that the total carat weight of the Precious Stones determines its value that is 10 carats of Diamond is 10 carats of Diamonds.  Yellow gemstones of 3 carats will have much more value than three gems of one carat each and these will cost much more than 30 gems of 0.1 carat.
 Value not proportional to the weight
The dimension of the tanzanite loose stones will then be of great importance at the time of the evaluation of its price. But, attention, its value will not increase proportionally to its weight.
Imagine a rhodolite garnet value is evaluated at 10 Euros per carat, because a gemstone of equal quality and 2 carat will not cost 20 Euros but much more. A gem of identical quality of 10 carats will not cost 100 Euros but several hundred Euros and so on.
Identify a beautiful purity
A beautiful Precious Stone must be clear and luminous. But even here it is not so easy or obvious to determine the clarity and luminosity in the gems, since their typology is diverse.
 The purity corresponds to the type of precious stone
Type I : these are gems that must be completely transparent to the eye at a distance of 15 cm. Never buy an amethyst or topaz with inclusions, blemishes or cracks inside. In this category are - among others - gems such as topaz london, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Morganite etc.

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