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What You Need To Know About Hip Revision Surgery?
Mr. Kanchan Madan

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Overview: Hip Revision Surgery

Since the industrial revolution in the early 18th to mid-19th century, the human society has seen unparalleled growth in the technological and engineering domain which has brought the world many advanced and sophisticated machinations that in the past would have only been but a dream. Technologies like TV, computer, mobile and have all been integrated into society to make the life of humans a little more easy-going.

What is Hip Revision Surgery?

The hip is one of the most essential joints in the human body as it supports the upper weight of the body and works as the foundation for the lower body. The hip is the reason for the flexibility in the body and the strength to exert force for the legs to ensure tasks like running, walking and jumping are flexibly executed.

Due to old age or some disease, there is a possibility that the artificial hip may get damaged to such an extent that it might lose the ability to function properly. In such cases, people prefer to undergo Hip Revision Surgery to replace the damaged hip joint with an artificial one so that their daily life can continue un halted.

When this artificial hip gets damaged due to wear & tear or due to some infection, revision surgery is undertaken to correct the problem so that the hip can work properly again. The use and repair of an artificial hip are highly efficient in the improvement of hip joints affected by arthritis or injury.

What happens in Hip Revision Surgery?

Artificial joints of any type, including the hip joint, do not last forever. The usual period that an artificial hip might last for depending on the patient’s condition is 10-15 years. Typically, the patients for hip joint replacement or revision are above 55 years and suffer from severe hip arthritis.

During the surgery for hip revision surgery, a large incision to the hip joint is required for the surgeon to be able to access the joint properly. The revision surgery for the artificial hip joint is usually done in three stages with the first stage involving the careful removal of the damaged or infected area of the hip while causing minimal damage to the bone area.

The second stage usually involves replacing of any lost bone either with a graft or by special porous metal that will create a solid formation for the new hip to fit into. In the last stage, the new hip joint segment is placed. Either cemented or un-cemented implants may be used for hip revision surgery.

Why should you opt for your Hip Revision Surgery in India?

India is famed for having the best and most affordable medical procedures in the world. One can get surgery in the top hip revision surgery hospitals in India at a very reasonable price and can also avail the best hip revision surgeons in India.

You can opt for the best price hip revision surgery in India with the most advanced medical facilities. The surgeons in India are renowned for being the best in their medical disciplines having performed complex procedures in countries like the Netherlands, France, Germany, USA, UK and many more.

Why choose us?

We at Tour2india4health aspire to provide the patients with the best medical care at affordable prices. We have reached to the best hospitals and top surgeons in many of the metropolitan and major cities in India.




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