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The Problems People in The Countryside Deal With

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The city and country are two completely different places. A city person wouldn't survive in the country for long. Their ways of living are opposites. City people wouldn't understand things you have to do in the country because they don't understand. They live a certain way because they are in the country and vice versa. Here I am going to share some things people deal with that city people don't.
Physical appearance
People who live in the country have dry skin often. Are they live in consist of dry sands and grass, causing them to get dry skin. Using skin products like Le-Vel Thrive skin, for example, is the only way their skin gets moist. City people don't have dust or sand in the air so they wouldn't understand this problem. People who live in the country don't have a variety of clothing stores to shop. You will see them wearing the same clothes or clothes that are worn out from being worn over and over again. People who live in the city don't have this problem. They will often have mud or dust on their shoes because that's the area in which they live.
The construction of big cities is different from the country. The inner city may be within walking distance from some people's houses. If it's not, it's not more than 5-10 minutes away. In the country, the nearest store is at least 50 minutes away. The same goes for the authorities and ambulance. If an incident happens or someone is in danger, they will have to hope they can get help in time. People from the city couldn't live in a place like this because they're not used to it. The country is like this because they have a lot of open space big cities do not.
Open Space
People who live in the city are used to clutter. They don't have much open space. Country people have nothing but open space. They ride horses whenever they get ready and go in their fields to breathe in the fresh air. Someone from the city wouldn't understand having this much open space. In the country, it's not a lot of people. The population is smaller than big cities, leaving them with open space. Which is also why the pace in the country is much slower than the pace in big cities. Having this open space is looked at as a problem for some people and a blessing to others. It all depends on how it affects you and your living situation.
People from the city and people from the country can come together and become friends. City people will still never understand problems people who live in the country go through. Their living conditions are too different. They don't have to live in these conditions so, to them their problems would seem strange. People who live in the city will never have to go through the things people in the country go through.

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