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How to choose perfect wood floor for your dream ho

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Wood is one of the most common flooring options opted in the whole world. If you are also planning to have wood flooring for your dream home, there is something you need to consider before laying wood in your home. Most of the people select wood based on its colour and design and they did not care about other factors regarding the quality of the wood. To be frank, colour and texture are the measure of quality of the wood. Don’t worry; I will not go into the technical jargon. This article will help you in deciding a perfect wood through a set of simple guidelines.

Aesthetic look

We are going to leave this topic to you. The preference of colour and texture of the wood floorboard will obviously differ from a person to another person. There is even Laminate Flooring Tucson that is best for your home’s beauty. Hence, we believe that we don’t have a big thing to say in this aspect. However, make sure that the colour and design of the Luxury Vinyl plank tucson matches with the surrounding environment.

Warranty offered by the company and reputation of the company

Warranty is one of the crucial factors in choosing wood floor. Most of the company will not cover accidental damage. Insurance can be brought to cover the accidental damage. Warranty conditions differ from company to company. Hence, have a look at the terms and conditions of the company service before committing anything. You may also compare terms and conditions of two or more reputed companies to zero in to the best one. Here at CWT, we have explicit terms and conditions of our service and we cover all possible service in the warranty’s terms and conditions. What to look for in the warranty agreement?

Services covered
Services excluded
Terms of service
Period of service

Other factors to be considered

The strength and durability varies considerably from species to species of the wood plant. Hence, make sure that the wood floor to be brought is sufficiently stable. It is always important to lay the harder wood floor in the ground floor and soft wood floor in upper floors. Try your level best to use Luxury vinyl plank that is even best for your home’s structure. If you have doubt regarding the strength and durability of the type of wood plant, consult us so that we can help you in choosing the stronger wood floor as per your need.

Another important factor of quality is the efficiency of the coating of the wood floorboard. Coating acts as the first line of security against any possible damage to the wood floor. Hence, wood should be scratch resistant. Although you may have laid scratch resistant wood floor, you should not move heavy materials over wood floor. Almost all the factors mentioned above of each and every wood should be available with the wood supplier or company. To get long life, always maintain wood away from dirt and water.

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