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Thriller Trilogy Books with Gripping Story

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A thriller novel is usually centered on crime or suspense related themes that make for a stimulating read. Writers write books in various genres and not surprisingly, every reader is different. But a thriller series is something that invariably excites all kinds of readers, across all ages, sex, community and creed. That’s because the thrill or the excitement that comes with thriller books are almost irresistible. No doubt, thriller movies also excite and stimulate. We are eager to know the end but not in a hurry to reach it.
When a thriller novel or a story comes in parts, the excitement levels reach a different plane. That’s because we are totally involved with the characters and the story line. We want to know what happens next but we can only keep guessing and anticipating till the next part is released by the author.
Thriller trilogy books are stimulating and exhilarating. When the reader finishes one part, he is completely engrossed in the plot of the story and can’t wait for the release and launch of the next part. If the first part of the tri-series is unable to get that kind of a reaction from the audience, then the story surely has something lacking.
Writers who pen thriller trilogies are aware that they need to create suspense with their narrative. They also need to take it to a level where readers can almost go crazy waiting for the next one to be released. A good writer will have the second part almost sold-out before the book gets published and released. The second book should add more fuel to the fire and spice up the story even more. The author needs to keep the fire going within the reader’s mind and sustain his interest. The third book in a trilogy series should provide the reader with a sense of heighten drama, closure as well as a sense of satisfaction that the read was well worth his or her time.

The best thriller trilogy book:
The best trilogies should create the necessary suspense in the first book, continued in the second book by adding more elements to the adventure and make it more absorbing while the third book should be the logical conclusion of the first two.
In order to reach a wider audience, writers should focus on keeping the language simple and easy to understand. It all depends on how the characters are developed and portrayed by the author. Interesting characters create enthusiasm for the story. That’s what thriller trilogy books are expected to do.
The reader needs to be impressed by the author’s ability to write a captivating story. For authors in search for a best seller, the ultimate goal is all about writing a page-turner.

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