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Domestic Violence

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Nowadays, there exist a lot of problems, which worsen the life of people. However, most often, the reasons of these problems lie in people’s behavior, upbringing, and worldview. It is evident that the majority of people would refer such problems as substance abuse, maniac inclinations of people or high levels of murders to social problems, the reasons of which are determined by personal characteristic of every individual and the surroundings in which he/she lives. Domestic violence is also referred to such problems. As it is confirmed by researchers, domestic violence is a wide-spread occurrence nowadays. It is estimated that somewhere in the neighborhood of two million women in the United States are terrorized. However, not only women can be victims of domestic violence. It has a number of forms and manifestations. Nevertheless, in spite of the form of domestic violence, its effects are always terrible, and this is the issue which will be studied in this essay.

Before explaining the effects of domestic violence, it is necessary to analyze its essence. As a rule, domestic violence is supposed to take place among spouses. Generally, women become the victims of domestic violence more often than men. The researchers determine domestic violence in the following way. Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive and assaultive behaviors that include physical, sexual, verbal, and psychological attacks and economic coercion that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners. According to researchers, the main aim of abusers is “to dominate and control the other person.

As for the effects of domestic violence, they are different and are described in many essays. Moreover, these effects are reflected not only on a victim, but on an abuser as well. As for the consequences for the victim, they can be nominally divided into two groups – physical and emotional. According to the researchers, physical effects can be of two types – direct and indirect. Researchers explain these effects in the following way. The direct physical effects of domestic violence can range from minor scratches or bruises to fractured bones or sexually transmitted diseases resulting from forced sexual activity and other practices. The indirect physical effects of domestic violence can range from recurring headaches or stomachaches to severe health problems due to withheld medical attention or medications. Among other effects of domestic violence, which are not of physical nature, the following ones can be mentioned: anxiety, hyper vigilance, aggressiveness, apprehension, fear, anger, helplessness, disturbance of eating or sleeping patterns, and depression. Anxiety and hyper vigilance are manifested in a victim’s fear of being abused. Victim’s aggressiveness can be expressed when he/she cannot control his/her emotions as a result of permanent stressful lifestyle. Helplessness appears when a victim feels that there is no way out from the situation of domestic violence. Disorders of eating and sleeping is a usual occurrence, which appears on the basis of different stressful situations. As domestic violence evidently belongs to such type of situations, different disturbances are often to appear among people who are abused. Certainly, depression is also one of the most often effects of any stressful situation; that is why it is referred to the effects of domestic violence. It is evident that the abovementioned effects of domestic violence damage mental health of victims and can lead to terrible consequences, sometimes, even to suicide.

However, the effects of domestic violence can be noticed not only among the victims of abuse, but also among abusers. Their behavior influences them negatively, and it can lead to the following results. Abusers often destroy relationships and stay alone, they lose their children and even can face criminal responsibility for their actions. It is evident that victims of domestic abuse cannot suffer abuse forever. Sooner or later they decide that their sufferings should be ended and begin to make steps in order to defend themselves and their lives. If a person has enough strength to find a solution herself/himself, the most often result is a break-up of relationships. However, if an abuser does not want to leave his/her victim, a victim begins to find solutions with the help of others. Thus, relatives or friends can be asked to help. If victim’s tactics to solve the situation with the help of persuasion does not work, the worst solution comes to mind. A victim addresses to the police or courts and tries to defend himself/herself through governmental institutions. Thus, it is evident that abusers also face negative effects of their actions in spite of their different nature.

It is evident that domestic violence is a negative occurrence. The analysis of its possible effects shows that it negatively influences not only victims of domestic violence, but also abusers. Thus, victims usually feel both physical and mental effects of domestic violence. Physical abuse is expressed in scratches, bruises, scars, and even sexually transmitted diseases. As for mental effects, they are numerous disorders such as anxiety, hyper vigilance, aggressiveness, apprehension, fear, anger, helplessness, disturbance of eating or sleeping patterns, depression, and even suicide. As it was mentioned above, abusers also face effects of their behavior, among which are relationship break-up, loss of children, and problems with police. Thus, it is evident that domestic abuse has negative influence on both sides – on a victim and an abuser. Such great number of negative effects should be taken into account by every person; thus, everyone, who builds relationships and wants them to be successful, should prevent the occurrence of domestic violence in his/her surroundings.

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