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Why Should You Buy Toll Free Number?
Traverse Telecom

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Toll free numbers are numbers that are free to call, which means whenever dials a toll free number they don’t get charged for making the call. The person or organization that owns the number gets charged for all the incoming calls.
Toll free numbers are used for businesses when they want to increase customer interaction with their company. This can be done by starting customer support at your business so that existing or potential customers can call your toll free number for customer support whenever they face any problem or have any questions about your product.
Toll free number always start with a three digit prefix and these prefixes are different for every country and that is why you will see toll free numbers for different countries look different. If you see a USA Toll Free Number they usually start with prefixes like 844,855,866,877 and Canada Toll Free Number share the same prefixes as the US.
There are many toll free number providers online but most of them are not safe and usually don’t provide the best service. If you are looking to buy a toll free number for your business you should visit Traverse Telecom they have some of the best toll free numbers available for 90+ countries at very affordable rates.
They provide India Toll Free Number on their website as well. So go check them our for VoIP, toll free number and DID Number needs.

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